Sunday , July 22 2018
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Eric Olsen

Career media professional and serial entrepreneur Eric Olsen flung himself into the paranormal world in 2012, creating the America's Most Haunted brand and co-authoring the award-winning America's Most Haunted book, published by Berkley/Penguin in Sept, 2014. Olsen is co-host of the nationally syndicated broadcast and Internet radio talk show After Hours AM; his entertaining and informative America's Most Haunted website and social media outlets are must-reads: [email protected],, Pinterest America's Most Haunted. Olsen is also guitarist/singer for popular and wildly eclectic Cleveland cover band The Props.

The Next Step

Fine you? Peanuts. Electronic disruptions? Child’s play. We will throw your ass in jail for file-swapping: Now, however, the entertainment industry is revising its strategy. The new plan appears to extend the target beyond companies with an apparent declaration of legal warfare against individuals who the industry believes are swapping …

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Rob Pegoraro On PressPlay and Rhapsody

The dialogue continues: Last week, PressPlay launched the 2.0 version of its service. It’s still not going to wean the masses from Gnutella, Kazaa or the other file-sharing systems. But it does show that somebody in the record industry is trying to listen to consumers. Given the industry’s habit of …

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What are your reactions to the Cary Sherman interview? Did he change any minds? Did he make sense? Is he full of it? Now is the time to speak your mind.

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Thanks to One and All

What a great way to kick off! Huge thanks to Cary Sherman for his time and effort today, and thanks to you for all of your interest and questions. Since we only touched the top of the iceberg, we will continue to collect questions for the next time we …

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Eric Olsen and a consortium of over 100 of the web's best writers are excited to announce the launch of an innovative new music/book review site, Kicking off the launch, we are honored to welcome RIAA President Cary Sherman to a live chat.

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