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Eric Olsen

Career media professional and serial entrepreneur Eric Olsen flung himself into the paranormal world in 2012, creating the America’s Most Haunted brand and co-authoring the award-winning America’s Most Haunted book, published by Berkley/Penguin in Sept, 2014.

Olsen is co-host of the nationally syndicated broadcast and Internet radio talk show After Hours AM; his entertaining and informative America’s Most Haunted website and social media outlets are must-reads: Twitter@amhaunted,, Pinterest America’s Most Haunted.

Olsen is also guitarist/singer for popular and wildly eclectic Cleveland cover band The Props.

Blogcritics on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of ’06

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of ’06 has been announced and Black Sabbath, Blondie, Miles Davis, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Sex Pistols have made the cut. Truth be told and no disrespect to the inductees who all have strong merits and claim much of my affection, but this …

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Avoiding Unexpected Holiday Traffic Snarls

Most dwellers of our larger metro areas are used to dealing with traffic congestion during morning and afternoon “drive time” and have learned to accomodate it one way or another. But one of the many frustrations of the holiday season — where we suddenly find ourselves this week at the …

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A Long Long Time Ago: The Motion Picture Academy Salutes 1905

When I said something about “old movies” to my 6 year-old the other day, she said, “You mean like The Wizard of Oz and E.T.?” I said, “Broadly speaking, yes.” But there are old movies and OLD movies, and while The Wizard of Oz is a remarkably spry 66, and …

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Pete Rose Denied Hall of Fame Ballot in Final Year of Eligibility

Pete Rose, MLB’s all-time career hit leader, has no chance of being voted into the Hall of Fame in his final year of eligibility because commissioner Bud Selig, taking a seriously passive-aggressive route, will not rule on Rose’s application for reinstatement before the 2006 candidates are announced Nov. 29, according …

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Cat Blogging: The CFA International Cat Show

Cats are so familiar and yet so enigmatic that seemingly normal people are capable of expending a great deal of verbiage describing and interpreting cat behavior, preferences, interactions, dietary and grooming habits, psychology, etc., ad nauseam – so much so that discursive, picayune, ruminative, twee and ultimately inconsequential online writing …

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Thanksgiving Travel Up Slightly This Year

For the first time in years, my parent’s house in Northeast Ohio will not be the fulcrum of extended Olsen family Thanksgiving activity because we are all gathering at an undisclosed arid locale in December for a Christmas hoohaw in just a few weeks and the Virginia and California branches …

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Blogcritics on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth in the film saga and first directed by a Brit (Mike Newell), has arrived to tremendous buzz, a PG-13 rating amid warnings of intense danger and action, a central threesome deep in the throes of puberty, and a whole lot of …

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SpongeBob SquarePants “Where’s Gary” – Promotional Triumph

Proving that Nickelodeon knows how to “cross-platform” promote like a 21st century hybrid of PT Barnum and the Tasmanian Devil, lending the premiere of a new episode of a cartoon series about a walking-talking sanitation utensil with the pitched fervor of a Beatles reunion, last Friday night’s half-hour special episode …

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Blogcritics Bargains

We have started a sub-site of called “Blogcritics Bargains” and it is just that: an unabashedly retail page with great deals on cool stuff just in time for the Holiday Season presented in an entertaining and lively manner by Craig Lyndall. Craig has signed up with various affiliate programs …

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Blogcritics On the Holiday Season ’05

In the broadest terms, the winter holiday season begins Thanksgiving week and extends through New Year’s Day or so, incorporating Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, New Year’s Eve and Day, and a gauntlet of festive gatherings in between. And since holidays require a lot of planning, we are well …

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