Wednesday , December 8 2021

Tim Gebhart

After 30 years of practicing law to provide shelter for his family, books and dogs. Tim Gebhart is now perfecting the art of doing little more than reading, writing and sleeping.

The Atrocity Archives

Charlie Stross is nominated for a 2005 Hugo Award for best novel. The weekend the nominees were announced I happened to pick up The Atrocity Archives. It must be nothing like his Hugo-nominated novel, Iron Sunrise (Blogcritics review here), which is a sequel to Singularity Sky, a SF space opera …

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Good ol’ Dev Degraw, the Governor’s son. He is the ne’er-do-well meandering through a disintegrating life in Wonderdog, a comedic novel by Inman Majors. Dev is the 33-year-old son of the long-time governor of Alabama, who faces a re-election campaign this year. Try as he might, Dev can’t escape that …

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Arthur C. Clarke is one of the authors responsible for turning me into a science fiction fan. During the early 1970s, I read Childhood’s End and the incomparable Hugo Award-winning Rendezvous with Rama and one or two collected works. The enjoyment of those books not only led to more of …

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About a third of the way through this book, I was still thinking: I just don’t get it. What I didn’t get is the praise for the book and the fact it won this year’s Pulitzer Prize for fiction. I must still admit that I sometimes think I just don’t …

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