Wednesday , January 26 2022

Tim Gebhart

After 30 years of practicing law to provide shelter for his family, books and dogs. Tim Gebhart is now perfecting the art of doing little more than reading, writing and sleeping.

Ssshh! Five Stars! is Really Good &#8211 Review

Listen. You gotta keep quiet about this review. Otherwise too many other people will try to cut in on the territory. The thing is, Christopher Null’s Five Stars! How to Become a Film Critic, The World’s Greatest Job, actually does what it says. It tells you how to become a …

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Review: The God Who Wasn’t There

Simultaneously available in limited release in theaters and on DVD, The God Who Wasn’t There is Brian Flemming’s attempt to prove that Christianity is predicated on a man/god who never existed. It is a thought-provoking and highly visual exercise. Ultimately, though, it falls short of its goal. Flemming is a …

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Iron Sunrise, Space Opera 21st Century Style

Charles Stross is science fiction’s latest sensation. After years of relative anonymity, he’s had two novels shortlisted for SF awards this year for best novel (in both the SF and fantasy categories) and two novellas have likewise been shortlisted for that format’s top awards. Iron Sunrise, which garnered the best-novel …

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Fear of Books

At least some semblance of sanity and good judgment temporarily descended on the US House Wednesday. It voted 238-187 to amend a bill appropriating money for the Department of Justice to prohibit funds in the bill from being used to implement a portion of Patriot Act that permits certain searches …

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Spin: Life After the Stars Went Out

Shortlists and awards are wonderful for an author. Yet from the reader’s standpoint, isn’t the real test of a book whether you think it’s time well spent? Robert Charles Wilson, one of a growing contingent of excellent Canadian science fiction authors, meets that test with his latest novel, Spin. Wilson …

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Clarence Thomas and State Theocracy

This week marks the anniversary of the US Supreme Court avoiding the core issue in the so-called “pledge case.” What may prove more notable is that it is also the anniversary of Clarence Thomas announcing a First Amendment jurisprudence that supports state theocracy, a theory he recently reaffirmed. The issue …

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Speaking Freely: A Trial Lawyer on the First Amendment

Floyd Abrams earned his reputation as one of this country’s leading First Amendment lawyers in the trenches as a trial lawyer. That’s what makes his Speaking Freely: Trials of the First Amendment a welcome addition to the history of First Amendment law. Abrams takes us inside his involvement with seven …

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Lies, Inc.: Fulfilling an Author’s Ill-Advised Wish

Philip K. Dick never achieved the recognition he deserved in his lifetime and even his induction this year into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame was long overdue. Unfortunately, Lies, Inc. has value only in allowing a reader to see in one “story” both some of Dick’s standard fare and …

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