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I write. I read. I garden. I cook. I eat. And I love to talk about all of the above.

Spring and Gasoline Bring Out the Guerilla Urban Gardener

The high cost of gas means the high cost of food. Solution: grow it yourself. Read More »

Welcome to Michigan: Pothole Central

Welcome to Michigan: Beware of car-eating potholes. Read More »

One Horribly Huge Gaffe Leads to National Anthem Debate

The national anthem should be sung, OUT LOUD and proud. Read More »

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Ire

Having a geek for a governor means having an email address to send my poison-tipped letters to. Read More »

It’s All Downhill from Here

Happy birthday to me. Read More »

Metaphors Don’t Kill People; People Kill People

It is sticks and stones that break our bones, and it's not words that wield the weapons — it's people. Read More »

Compulsive Karaoke: Environmental Ailment or Genetic Predisposition?

Is the urge to karaoke an environmental ailment? Or is it a result of years of genetics? Read More »

A Grandparental Twinging

Experiencing a few longing twinges while waiting for grandchildren. Read More »

Are You Ready for the Worst Case Scenario?

What's your Plan B? Do you even have one? Read More »

What Goes Around, Comes Around: Old Age Frees the Girls

It's a Declaration of Emancipation for the chi-chis of my life. Read More »