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I write. I read. I garden. I cook. I eat. And I love to talk about all of the above.

Now Taking Smug Living to the Back Yard

Smug living moves into the back yard. Read More »

Too Old to MySpace, Too Young to Die

When people start to think they’re “too old” for anything, it might be time for them to think they are old enough to die. Read More »

Confessions of a Smug Driver

A road trip from Michigan to California convinced me not to give the gas companies and the state of Michigan more money. Read More »

A Turnip Speaks Up: Taxed in Michigan

The turnip speaks! Ranting about the taxes in Michigan. Read More »

Deconstructing Porn

Deconstructing porn, I find that sex on the screen is not all it's cracked up to be. Read More »

DVD Review: That ’70s Show – Season 8

“We’re all (not) all right!” This travesty is a huge disappointment, just God-awful! Read More »

San Francisco: Featured in Films, Part I

In between trips, I keep my "homesickness" at bay by watching movies set in San Francisco. Read More »

In-N-Out: The Cult of Hamburger

There's a fast food cult, and its leader is In-N-Out Read More »

Steven Spielberg and Orlando Bloom Together? If Not Forever, at Least Once!

Saving Private Bloom would be great movie! Read More »

Tippy-Toeing Around the Detroit Sex Scandal

Eliot Spitzer isn't the only one embroiled in a sex scandal. Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is in a doozy of his own. Read More »