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D. Gabrielle Jensen is a writer, cosmetologist and amateur photographer - not always in that order - who wants to live in several major cities, feels most at home in general admission at a small concert venue, and dreams of touring with a band as their private stylist and tour blogger and of honing her photography skills. She has tattoos handwritten by two of her music idols and hopes to continue the collection.

Music Review: Fall Out Boy – ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’

Fall Out Boy - American Beauty American Pyscho

Gone are the days of the teen angst prevalent in their early offerings, replaced by an impressively mature, commanding sound that solidifies Fall Out Boy’s place in musical history. Read More »

Music Review: Wrongchilde – Gold Blooded

Wrongchilde-Gold Blooded

As side projects go, this isn't one for which I can fault the artist. He recognized he had created something that didn’t fit his previously constructed pigeonhole and gave it a voice anyway. Read More »

Music Review: XTRMST – ‘XTRMST’

XTRMST album art

Davey Havok and Jade Puget have made strides with XTRMST to revitalize the mid-era of punk, the era of early- to mid-'90s punk, the era of Green Day, of Rage Against the Machine, of the Offspring, full force into the 2010s. Read More »

Concert Review: New Heart for Christmas 9 featuring Kill Hannah in Chicago, IL December 20-22, 2012

After nine years, Kill Hannah shows no signs of slowing down their annual New Heart for Christmas celebration. Read More »

Music Review: Kris Allen – Waiting for Christmas

Kris Allen successfully applies his unique style to five holiday favorites. Read More »

Kill Hannah Open Contest for New Heart for Christmas 9 Supporting Act

Kill Hannah and have opened a contest for one lucky band to open for the annual New Heart for Christmas event. Read More »

Music Review: Amanda Palmer – Theatre Is Evil

Amanda "AFP" Palmer continues to thumb her nose at convention with how she is selling her new album. Read More »

Music Review: Vajra – Pleroma

Vajra offers something unique for fans of melodic prog rock. Read More »

Music Review: Scarlet Hollow – What If Never Was

Scarlet Hollow's first full-length release falls just short of its potential. Read More »

Music Review: Vulture Kult – Don’t Let Rock n’ Roll Ruin Your Life

Vulture Kult is working to return listeners to the heyday of hard rock anthems. Read More »