Saturday , June 15 2024

Connie Phillips

Date Night – Eighteen Years Later

My husband and I had date night last night. As I was getting ready to go out, I started thinking about the differences between going out on a date, and having a date night. It was the late eighties when we started dating. I was nineteen and he was twenty. …

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The Road to USDF Regional Competition

The weekend had been long and turbulent. Granted, both my son, Josh, and the horse, Joe, had only been training in dressage for just more then a year, but we really had been hoping to get both qualifying scores he needed for Regional competition at this show. With two qualifying …

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Rick Springfield’s Music – Written In Rock

When I heard this collection of Rick Springfield songs, Written in Rock, was coming out this spring, I was excited, for the most part, to get the sneak peak at the upcoming CD The Day After Yesterday. That aforementioned song, “For No One” a remake of the Beatles song, is …

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