Thursday , June 13 2024
On the list of people screwing up America, your behavior and attitudes are divisive work this nation doesn't need.

Author, Examine Thyself: A Letter to Bernard Goldberg

Dear Bernard Goldberg:

Maybe you didn’t like my earlier posts, from my thoughts on your asinine list to my attempt to start a new meme or just linking to your meltdown on air.

But that’s ok.

I’m writing about your list&#8212that is, your book. And, yes, I read it. First, I’d like to suggest that you put yourself on the list of people screwing up America, because your behavior and attitudes are exactly the kind of divisive work this nation does not need.

But judging by how you’ve behaved to critics of your book in the past&#8212such as was described here&#8212I’m guessing that won’t happen.

So I’d like you to consider a new nominee: Robert Novak.

Before last month I would have mentioned you two in the same breath, as hothead Republicans whose mouths move faster than their brains, and who may be missing hearts and souls.

But today when Novak walked off-air&#8212hopefully forever&#8212he did so after saying a bad word.

In your book you make a point of mentioning how harmful it is to have Chevy Chase (yes, he is still alive) use the F-word while speaking at the Kennedy Center. I’ve wondered aloud why that’s bad, but Dick Cheney cursing is not worthy of your criticism, and was told that some thought the situations different, in that Cheney’s conversation was private.

Well, it’s hard to get much more public than cursing on air, as Novak did.

So I’m thinking you need to stop the presses and add Robert Novak&#8212or at least give Novak an honorable mention.

Thinking of you,

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