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For a "Movie In Your Mind," check out Infinite Crisis: Part I.

Audio Book Review: Infinite Crisis – Part I by Greg Cox, Based on the DC Comics Miniseries

Infinite Crisis was a seven-issue limited series of comic books published by DC Comics beginning in October 2005. It was written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Phil Jimenez. The series storyline was based on the 1985 series Crisis on Infinite Earths, and it revisits characters and ideas that were from the earlier work.

Once again I was treated to a Graphic Audio performance that really brings you into the story. The combination of sound effects and artistic vocal performances creates what Graphic Audio calls a “Movie in your Mind,” and that is truly what it is.

We enter the story just as the Justice League of America's watchtower has been destroyed and the heroes of the world are facing a variety of menaces. Maxwell Lord, the head of the O.M.A.C. project — a super-spy satellite that has been gathering information on the super heroes — found out that the Blue Beetle discovered the project and shot him dead when he would not be enlisted to the cause. In fact he was going to expose it.

When Lord tried to use mind control to get Batman to kill Superman, Wonder Woman stepped in and killed Lord. Now the O.M.A.C project has taken on a life of its own and is broadcasting Wonder Woman's "Murder" of Maxwell Lord while in the process trying to rid the world of magic and the super heroes who use it.

Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are all feuding: Wonder Woman for killing Lord, Batman for being paranoid and developing the out of control O.M.A.C project, and Superman for not being there when people need him most. On this Earth, Earth one, is a dark and cold place where people are distrusting. Is there something that has gone wrong?

The only problem that I had with this book was that being unfamiliar with the story and the fact that there are so many characters, it was hard to keep up with at first. This is more of a problem with translating this kind of story from a comic book, where you can read the names and descriptions over again. On audio, you have to rewind if you miss something. Once we got through the initial barrage of who's who, the rest of the story works well.

The quality of the story and performance are the reason that I will be coming back for the Part II of Infinite Crisis. You can also check out some of their other series as well. If you want you can download an MP3 excerpt, or purchase the GraphicAudio Book from their on-line store. The story comes three ways: standard CD, MP3 CD, and downloadable WMA with digital rights management (the version I reviewed).

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