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Ashlee Simpson, Acid Reflux, Radio Music Awards

After AshleeGate erupted Saturday on SNL, Ashlee Simpson was fortunate enough to have a chance to redeem herself, of sorts, a mere 48 hours later at the 2004 Radio Music Awards last night. According to all she sufficiently rocked, and did so live. I mean LIVE live.

The effusive administrator of the fan site tells us so:

    Ashlee Simpson blew away the audience (and me as well) during her ABSOLUTELY LIVE performance at the 2004 Radio Music Awards!!

    She even made fun of her SNL performance by starting off with Pieces of Me and then stopping the band after about 20 seconds, then kicking into a totally rocking version of Autobiography! Ashlee was completely confident and it showed.

    Her voice sounded GREAT, her band sounded GREAT and the audience loved every second of it. Take that you nay-sayers!

    Ashlee’s career is far from over. To the contrary this epsisode of her career will only help it as it proves that Ashlee Simpson is not a “flash in the pan”, a “loser”, “hack”, etc…

    As soon as I have the video of the performance ready it will be on this site. After viewing it I think you’ll agree that Ashlee is definetely back and has put the SNL show behind her! After all, as the song Shadow says, “the past is in the past”.


A slightly less biased AP agreed:

    This time Ashlee Simpson sang it for real.

    We think. The 19-year-old pop artist was among a slew of stars who played Monday during the 2004 Radio Music Awards at the Aladdin hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

    ….whether she liked it or not, Simpson was at the centre of the show thanks to a glitch on Saturday Night Live last weekend that revealed she had been lip-synching one of her songs.

    Before she sang Autobiography off her hit album, host Carson Daly reassured Monday’s audience they were getting a live performance.

    “Live, yes live,” he said.

    When Simpson’s band started playing, the younger sister of pop starlet Jessica Simpson screamed, “It’s the wrong song.” Seconds later, she told a stunned theatre filled with hundreds of people that she was “only kidding.”

    Later in the evening, she told Daly in an off-stage interview that acid reflux disease had made her lose her voice four hours before her SNL appearances.

    She didn’t seem concerned about her slip-up.

    “You move on,” Simpson said. “Things happen.”

Ah, the dreaded acid reflux is the real culprit here:

    Her manager-father said Monday his daughter used the extra help because acid reflux disease had made her voice hoarse.

    ….”Just like any artist in America, she has a backing track that she pushes so you don’t have to hear her croak through a song on national television,” Joe Simpson told Ryan Seacrest on Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM. “No one wants to hear that.”

    ….And he said she’s never used the extra help onstage before.

    ….”Every artist that I know in this business has had vocal problems at some time — from Celine on down,” said Joe Simpson, also father of Jessica Simpson. “So you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

    He said it was his decision to use the tapes when it became apparent that acid reflux disease had swollen Ashlee’s vocal cords. After consulting Wayne Newton’s doctor, she received a cortisone shot to get her ready for the “Radio Music Awards,” he said.

    It was the band’s drummer who pushed the wrong button onstage, he said. [AP]

It’s always the fucking drummer’s fault, people.

Finally, Simpson talked with MTV this morning:

    “It’s so silly that everybody’s concerned about this one performance when there’s so many things going on in the world,” she told MTV News Tuesday morning, after her appearance on the “Today” show. “We have an election, there’s people dying — and people are concerned if I can sing or not. You hear me sing on my reality show every day.”

    ….”I think I’m getting through this by being completely honest,” Simpson said. “I think the truth is the best thing, laughing about it and, you know, making light of the situation. Maybe [‘SNL’] will spoof me or make fun of it, and I’m OK with it, you know?”

    ….”I was really happy about last night,” Simpson said. “It was really nice to get out there and perform. There was definitely pressure, because, you know, everybody is looking: ‘What’s going to happen? Is she going to croak? Is she going to mess up?’ I just had to block it all out and focus on the positive. It was a nice place to actually get to redeem myself.”

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