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There is either something wrong with this picture, or perhaps it is just the silence before the fury.

As Gang Green Turns: What a Difference a Week Makes – Jets and Steelers Play Nice?

It is amazing how different things can be in one week in the soap opera As Gang Green Turns. You will probably recall all the bluster coming from New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan concerning his arch nemesis Darth Bull—New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick—in the week before the game between the Jets and Pats. This was a showdown. This was a war between coaches. Man your battle stations and full speed ahead.

Well, this week the Ryan Express has slowed down some. He has toned down all the rhetoric and has actually made nice. He likes Pittsburgh Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin. He admires the man. He respects him. The last time Rex got so enamored with someone—Darrelle Revis, when he was missing from training camp—he talked about giving his cornerback a great big smooch if he walked in the door. Mr. Tomlin, you have been warned.

And if our wondering eyes are to believe what we are seeing, then we get a reciprocal round of praising of Ryan by Tomlin. He likes Rex too. There is either something wrong with this picture, or perhaps it is just the silence before the fury. Either way, this kind of lovey-dovey stuff gives me the creeps right before a big game.

Now, before you go thinking this game is going to be boring, today Steelers’ defensive back Ike Taylor said he was going to “lay him out” in reference to his former teammate, Jets’ wide receiver Santonio Holmes. Ah, some turmoil has finally surfaced. This is just the kind of threat we need to get the fun going again.

Come on, Rex, you know you want to respond to this comment. Truthfully, we’re waiting.

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