Sunday , July 21 2024
For once the foot in Ryan's mouth is not his own.

As Gang Green Turns: Ryan Has Wife’s Foot in Mouth and Sanchez May Not Play on Sunday

The media here in New York – and I imagine in Chicago as well (where the Jets will play this Sunday) – is having a field day with the reports about the video of Ryan’s wife that surfaced. It is reported that Ryan supplies the male voice on the tape, and they are talking about her feet and other weird things. Ryan will not comment on it. He says, “It’s a personal matter.” For once the foot in Ryan’s mouth is not his own.

This story eclipses the story about Mark Sanchez, who is injured with a shoulder tear and may not play this Sunday. Mark Brunell (who has thrown just one pass in a game this season) will be his replacement. Against the Bears. Bang the drum slowly, please.

In the continuing soap opera As Gang Green Turns, it just doesn’t get any better – or worse – than this. What are green-blooded Jets fans thinking about this? Well most are saying Sanchez should play to secure a playoff spot. Some are more cautious and say if he is lost for the playoffs because he plays on Sunday, then what is the point?

Of course the questions about Ryan and his wife’s feet persist. Is she in that video? Were the Ryans making tapes for a “swingers” web site? The list goes on and on. In response Ryan says, “I have a beautiful wife.” It is a personal matter after all, right?

So we head into Sunday with more questions than answers. Hey, Jets fans, maybe you can ask Santa for a victory over the Bears on Sunday, but I think you would do better to turn to the big guy upstairs, because it looks like they don’t have a prayer.

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