Friday , August 12 2022
Who beat Gang Green on September 13th? They all only have to look into the mirror to find the answer to that question.

As Gang Green Turns: 10-9 Loss to the Ravens Only Part of the Problem

Hanging my head quietly after the Jets slumped off the field in defeat at the New Meadowlands Stadium, I had one question: what did the Jets in more? The ruckus with TV news reporter Ines Sainz or the way they gave away the store on the HBO series Hard Knocks?

One question is harder to deal with than the other, but in the ever churning soap opera that is Gang Green, no drama goes unnoticed. The Jets have been accused by Ms. Sainz of sexual harassment. She was on the field, trying to do her job and interview players, including QB Mark Sanchez, but some players got more than a little crazy. Maybe an attractive woman still causes that kind of thing, but truthfully it is as unacceptable on the gridiron as it is in the boardroom.

The other part of that question is just as salient: did the Jets reveal too much on Hard Knocks? We know head coach Rex Ryan certainly opened his mouth way too much – ask the Ravens’ Ray Lewis who has the last laugh right now – and this caused players on other teams, coaches, and everyone else to wonder why Ryan and the Jets would ever expose themselves this way. Good publicity? Perhaps. It was also an easy way to build resentment that had already been there into a tidal wave of anger and a desire for payback.

I am not sure we can blame the reporter or the TV show for what happened last night. The Jets defense almost looked as bad as the offense. The D got penalties it should not get, and gave Ravens QB Joe Flacco more time than he should ever have had. And while Darrelle Revis looked good, he couldn’t make up for Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson’s transgressions all by himself.

As for the offense, you are probably sitting there shaking your heads and thinking, “What offense?” All the worries we had about King Rex’s horses and his men seemed justified last night. Sanchez got humpty-dumptied by the Ravens’ defense and is lucky they could put him together again.

This was less than an auspicious start for our Gang Green. They have to learn that a pretty woman on the field is no excuse for acting like teenagers at the mall. They also have to learn that the opposing team on the field has watched their TV show, taken lots of notes, and are more than ready for them.

Who beat Gang Green on September 13th? They all only have to look into the mirror to find the answer to that question.

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