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Canon PIXMA's Pro City Senses is a unique experience that allows guests to see Seattle football in the Emerald City from an entirely new perspective.

Art Review: Canon’s PIXMA Pro City Senses

Thursday Canon’s PIXMA Pro City Senses tour made their final stop at the Axis in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.  Seattle native Joel McHale (E Soup, Community) was on hand to host the VIP preview event. City-Senses-Banner_128

In an intriguing twist, the exhibition enticed guests to use their senses before viewing the images, as the photographers did before shooting the prints.  But how does one incorporate senses touch, smell, hearing, and taste at a photo gallery?  Guests were given items, then told to imagine how the photographers were inspired by each and interpreted them.  The result?  A unique experience that catapulted one into that moment, evoking an emotional and physical connection to each image.
While most might assume an exhibition about Seattle football would conjure images of Century Link Stadium and the Seattle Seahawks, local photographers utilized a plethora of locations in and around the city.  They each used different styles and methods of print, which accentuated each image, giving a well-rounded peek into what the Emerald City offers.
Meet The Photographers
Joel McHale, a Seattle native, host of E Soup! and currently starring in Yahoo’s Community, recently found his love of photography. The actor, writer, and producer was honored to be included among the best photographers in the Northwest.
Patrick Bennett is a location photographer who uses natural lighting to create vibrant images.  He’s traveled all over the world and spent a year and a half taking in the Argentina culture.  He has the ability to capture genuine moments and personalities.
Connie ‘Coco’ Aramaki uses her background in photojournalism to deliver compelling and emotional images to tell a story.  She has been recognized by NPPA’s Women In Photography for her style of commercial photos.  In addition, she was recognized by Eddie Adams Workshop after her incredible storytelling of women and families struggling with the drug environment at the U.S.-Mexican border.
Nick Hall is originally from England, but has traveled all over the world capturing stunning skies and landscapes.  Though initially a scientist, he found his love for photography and his images have won multiple international awards, including Graphis Best in Photographer 2013 and Luezer’s Archive 200 Best Advertising Photography 2013/14.  He was also named one of PDN’s 30 in 2011.
Overall, Canon PIXMA’s Pro City Senses is a unique experience that allows guests to see Seattle football in the Emerald City from an entirely new perspective.  By evoking one’s senses beyond sight (touch, smell, hearing, and taste) this interactive exhibit is something people of all ages will enjoy.  Even if you’re not a football fan, the images tell various stories of life throughout the city and will please anyone’s palate.
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