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24 star actress Annie Wersching (character Renee Walker) talks of her time on the hit Fox TV show in a conference call.

Annie Wersching on Fox Hit Show 24: The Role Of A Lifetime

Annie Wersching has a lot going for her these days. The 33-year-old is a rising star actress on the hit Fox television series 24, a recently married woman (to actor/comedian Stephen Full in September of 2009), and now an expectant mother, with her first child due in August.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Wersching, her role as FBI special agent Renee Walker came to an end on the Monday before last’s episode of 24, which is currently in its eighth and final season. She received the honorable “silent clock” at the end of the dramatic April 12 (8:00-9:00 am) episode after her character was pronounced dead due to a shot from a Russian sniper, who fatally shot her through a window of Jack Bauer’s (Kiefer Sutherland, the show’s main star) apartment.

Wersching appeared in seasons seven and the (current) eighth season, and she highlighted her two-season run as Renee Walker in a 25-minute conference call put on by Fox on the afternoon of Thursday, April 15.

In the Q& A with journalists around the country, Wersching answered many questions about her two seasons, including ones about her final and intimate scenes with Jack Bauer, who has a long history of losing love interests on the show (i.e. Terri Bauer, Audrey Raines). Some highlights are included below.

The actress was asked early on what she will remember of her time on 24. More than anything, Wersching, whose previous credits include small stints in General Hospital, Cold Case and Star Trek: Enterprise, among others, said she was more than happy to have had any significant role in the long-running real-time action/drama series since she was already a huge fan. To her, the role of Renee Walker was “the role of a lifetime.”

She was also proud of being the only character besides Jack Bauer to get two “silent clocks” in the series, as her character got the first one after being buried alive in episode five of season seven.

A journalist from Hearst Newspapers asked if Wersching had strong enough feelings about her character’s fate to feel the need to fight to save it from impending death like Glenn Morshower (character: Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce) and Carlos Bernard (character: Tony Almeida) did in previous seasons. According to Wersching, she did have strong feelings about Renee Walker but knew of her deadly fate when the show’s producer (Howard Gordon) informed her at the top of the season. She was sad and upset about it, but didn’t “beg too much” to change it because she understood and was told that her death on the show will be a big deal and will influence Bauer’s actions for the end of the series. Thus, even after death, Walker remains an important part of the show.

With five weeks left in 24’s history, fans will soon learn exactly how big an effect the death of agent Renee Walker’s character has on Jack Bauer and the conclusion of this successful series, which takes place Monday, May 24, with a two-hour finale starting at 8:00pm ET.

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