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Didi Benami is ousted from Idol this week and next week's theme is announced.

American Idol: Tim Urban’s Perma-smile Survives Another Elimination

Okay, seriously what is going on with this season of American Idol? There is something wrong when the highlight of the results show for me is the announcement that season two's winner and runner-up, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken are going on tour together this summer.

Fortunately, we were spared a group number this week, which instead was replaced with performances from Ruben Studdard, this week's Idol mentor, Usher and something called Diddy Dirty Money. (Really Diddy? Aren't we tiring of changing your moniker, yet?)

The bottom three this week consisted of Didi Benami, Katie Stevens and Tim Urban. The judges continued to express their issue with Tim Urban's perma-smile. Tim simply explained that he smiles, because he is enjoying the process of the show and wants to enjoy his time while he's there. Whatever.

Didi Benami performing during "R&B Week."Katie was sent back to safety first again this week. Being that this was her second trip to the bottom three in two weeks, could her Idol demise be on the horizon? It all depends on her next performance or which contestant is able to break free from the pack. Lee stepped up to the plate this week, Crystal is already miles ahead of everyone, so next week it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

It came down to Didi and Tim. I just had this feeling that it was going to be Didi that was going to be eliminated that night, once the results got narrowed down to the bottom two. And of course, it was. I figured if it was Tim that had been eliminated, that I would probably be able to hear cheering from the East Coast.

Didi chose to reprise "Rhiannon." It was simply amazing. It was so good, I seriously thought that she totally had a shot at getting saved by the judges. When judge Simon Cowell said, "It's bad news," I actually felt for the girl. I would rather the judges use the save sooner than later, just to mix it up this season. A double elimination for next week would have been awesome.

On the topic of next week, the contestants will be singing songs from the Lennon/McCartney songbook. It's like the Idol producers just want to torture us. Also, I really am disappointed that they are re-doing this theme. Season seven's Top 12 had some of the best performances come out of that theme week, I don't understand the logic of repeating it. Idol producers if you're reading this, I came up with nine perfectly good examples of theme weeks that you could do this season. Peruse it, see if you find something you like. I really hope that the contestants become inspired by this music that they're having the chance to perform. And by inspired, I mean realize that they need to try harder to stay on key.

Obviously, I'm a little frustrated with this season. I don't think Didi should have gone home last night. I cannot believe Tim is just smiling away through the next round.

What are your thoughts on the season? Do you think the Lennon/McCartney songbook will inspire the contestants to get their minds right and voices in tune? And who else wants to attend the Cluben tour?

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