Thursday , December 7 2023
Idol says goodbye to Lacey Brown, David Cook rocks out and the "Judges' Save" is in play this season.

American Idol: The Top 12 Results Are In

Season nine Idol contestant Lacey Brown got the boot this week, but all that aside, season seven American Idol winner, David Cook was back on the show to perform!

I just love it when my favorite Idol contestants return to perform, and last night's performance from David Cook was nothing short of spectacular. He sang The Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and managed to have the best performance of season nine so far. David's stage presence was just uncanny. He really David Cook returns to American Idol.worked the crowd, and from what I could tell through my television set, it looked like everyone in the audience was having a great time. I really hope this year's crop of Idol contestants were taking notes.  Because, that my friends, was a great example of how performances should be done on Idol.

Former Michael Jackson guitar player, Orianthi performed her single, "According To You". It was the first time I had ever heard of her or her song. Not gonna lie, I bought the song off of iTunes after the show. It's a pretty catchy tune.

Lady Gaga wannabe, Ke$ha also performed her latest single, "Blah, Blah, Blah" last night. It was lip sync-tastic.

Onto last night's eliminations, was anyone truly surprised with the results? The bottom three was made up of Lacey, Tim Urban and Paige Miles. I pretty much figured when Ryan sent Tim back to safety that Lacey was a goner. I thought that Paige probably had the sympathy votes in her favor, since she performed this week with laryngitis.

Lacey lasted a week longer than she probably should have in the competition. From last week to this week, there really wasn't any major improvements in her performance. Idol really isn't a competition you can just coast through. She didn't look entirely comfortable onstage, which she definitely wasn't the only one, but out of everyone in the bottom three this week, I would say she had the weakest performance.

What I could not stand about last night was the announcement that the "Judges' Save" would be in use again this season. That means from now up through the Top 5, the judges can basically veto America's vote and save the contestant from elimination.

I didn't really like this idea last year, and I felt like the judges were kind of ridiculous about using it. When they did use it on Matt Giraud, it came off as they used it, just to use it. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Matt, and I was thrilled the night they used it on him, but I was hoping that he would be the sole recipient of the "Judges' Save", due to the kind of further humiliation it puts on the eliminated contestant.

Luckily for Lacey Brown last night, she was not forced to sing "Ruby Tuesday" again, but instead was allowed to reprise her performance from Top 16 week, Brandi Carlile's "The Story". What comes off to me as humiliating the contestant, is having the judges "deliberate" for a minute and a half, while not paying attention to the contestant singing for their Idol livelihood. I think it's ridiculous. Of course they were not going to save Lacey, I would guess that the "Judges' Save" this season is being put aside for Crystal Bowersox , Siobhan Magnus or Lee Dewyze.

I guess American got it right this week, my preference would have been for Tim to leave, but who knows, he could just be the next American Idol.

FOX announced last night that the theme for next week is "Teen Idols." What "Teen Idol" songs are you hoping the contestants sing? New Kids On The Block, anyone?

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