Thursday , April 25 2024
This week on Idol includes two former contestants returning, a recycled theme, and a double elimination.

American Idol: I’ve Got A Bad Feeling

I am sensing doom about this week's American Idol. And really, it's not about the performances being good or bad, it's more about who could be going home this week, since it is a double elimination. Also, the last time American Idol had an Elvis Presley themed week, the results were not what anyone had anticipated.

In case you had forgotten or had just pushed the memory aside, it was during "Elvis Presley Week" during the Top Four during season five that Chris Daughtry was eliminated. Granted, it's Top Nine 2.0 this week, but thanks to the judges using that ridiculous save of theirs during the last results show, there are two people going home. In short, if you don't vote for your favorite, there is a huge chance they could go home this week.

I would love to see Tim Urban head on home this week, and honestly, if he does survive this week, I will be fairly shocked. Mike Lynche, who was the eliminated contestant last week before the judges saved him, is someone else I wouldn't mind see pack his bags for good this time. He was just way too smug last week for my taste.

I do fear for Siobhan Magnus, whose last couple of weeks have been quite the roller coaster ride. I feel like she really has to do well this week to stay and to work her way back up to being a front runner. Truthfully, I'd be super bummed if Siobhan went home this week, especially if Andrew Garcia or Katie Stevens wound up being safe.

My other issue this week is that Idol is repeating another theme week. Season eight's Adam Lambert is the guest mentor, and the Idols are singing Elvis Presley songs? Not exactly how I envisioned this week going down. I get that both Elvis and Adam are considered "controversial" and share a similar hair style every once in awhile, and maybe that was Idol's thinking when it came to the theme this week. I just think that when you have an artist like Adam who takes risks, that maybe Idol should have thought about taking a risk and doing a theme that hasn't already been done. A glam rock or some sort of pop music themed week would have been fantastic.

On the plus side, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Slezak confirmed that season seven Idol contestant Brooke White would be performing during the results show this week. She will be doing a duet with Justin Gaston (also known as Miley Cyrus' ex-boyfriend) from Idol creator Simon Fuller's If I Can Dream web-based series.

A word to the wise: don't be complacent this week when it comes to voting. (Especially for Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, and Siobhan Magnus.) I don't want "shocking results" from Ryan Seacrest. I just want the contestants who deserve to be competing on Idol to survive the double elimination. In the past, voter complacency has lost us such contestants like Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, and, most recently, Alex Lambert. For the love, keep the talent in the competition.

How are you feeling about the double elimination this week? Which contestant do you not want to see eliminated? And are you happy about the Idols singing the songs of Elvis Presley or would you have preferred a different theme?

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