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The Idols work with their first mentor during "Billboard No. 1 Songs" week.

American Idol Announces The First Mentor For Season Nine

Earlier this week, it was announced that Disney star Miley Cyrus would be a mentor for the American Idol contestants this week.

That clicking sound you just heard was Idol viewers switching channels over to Dancing With the Stars.

C'mon, American Idol, you have to have someone else, anyone else that is more qualified than Miley Cyrus to give advice to this year's contestants. Maybe even an artist that can sing on key.

As a legit fan of American Idol, this seems like obvious pandering to the teenage demographic. I get that she has a huge following from Hannah Montana and that she had a huge hit last summer with "Party in the U.S.A." Not gonna lie, that song is very catchy. But does playing a pop star on TV and having a couple of songs on the charts make her the right person to give advice to upcoming singers who are working hard to make a career for themselves? I don't think so.

In my opinion, Miley Cyrus doesn't have the singing talent that would allow her to give actual advice on singing well. And on a show that is first and foremost a singing competition, that's kind of important.

Now that this week's theme has been changed from "Teen Idols" to "Billboard No. 1 Songs," I would have hoped for Idol to have a mentor for the contestants who has had multiple number one hits, like maybe one of their own past contestants like Kelly Clarkson or Chris Daughtry. I think Idol really should utilize from within and bring back the contestants that have been able to use the show as a springboard and turn out a successful career.

I am disappointed that Idol changed the theme this week. I think that the "Teen Idols" theme would have been fun and interesting to watch. Also, it was a theme that has never been done before. I was more excited about that aspect than I was for the actual theme itself.

"Billboard No.1 Songs" has technically been done. Last season, the contestants did "Top iTunes Downloads", which give or take a couple performances, was really bad. In past seasons, today's music is always sung better by the artist, not the Idol contestant.

Is anyone else bummed about the theme being changed this week? What themes would you like to see the Idol contestants take on this season? Also, who do you think would have been a better mentor than Miley Cyrus this week?

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