Wednesday , January 26 2022

Amber Waves of Brain

This is certainly interesting, though it reminds me rather uncomfortably of Edward Nygma in Batman Forever – surf the brain waves too often or wrecklessly and you are sure to wipe out.

Would you trust these dwids with your brain?

And more:


    What if we took what is restricted to some, nonpolitical, personal, concealed, domestic, tacit and implicit and made it open to everyone, in physical view of others, impersonal, acknowledged and explicit? That is precisely what will be happening @ the Deconism Gallery (330 Dundas West) on Thursday, August 14th, @8pm. Post-post cyborg, performance artist and visionary Steve Mann as well as virtual reality artist Maurice Benayoun and the French cyberspace philosopher Pierre Levy will take part in a HOT TUB PANEL discussion mediated by the director of the Marshall McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, Derrick de Kerckhove. The topic of discussion will be fictitious truth, virtual fiction, realiction, and conjured reality.

    The personal will turn political as the three intellectuals debate what is real, whilst submerging themselves in a translucent, networked, interactive and IMMERSIVE multimedia art installation. Displaying the private (de)conversation as a public event will allow for an interactive reversal between the counterpublic and the counterprivate. The reversal will come into full effect as microphones and cameras will project the communal bath by means of simulation and simulacra, in the guise of Plato’s Caves, into another spatial reality. Professor Steve Mann’s vision that: “In the coming decades we will live in an age of shared realities and new levels of cultural discourse,” will be exposed in the process of becoming.

    Come and enjoy a SPLASH of (DE) CONSCIOUSNESS @ the Deconism Gallery (330 Dundas West) August 14th @ 8pm (Cost to be announced)


    REGEN3: SATURDAY, AUGUST 30, 2003, 9 PM
    BYOB: Bring Your Own Brain

    REGEN3 / Regenerative Brainwave Music: ElectroBrainFunk at DECONISM Gallery, 330 Dundas St. West, Toronto, 9 p.m. (across the street from the Art Gallery of Ontario), tickets $10 available at the door.

    What happens when a building reads your thoughts? What if music responded to your mind?

    REGEN3 will present the latest developments in EEG brainwave music research, by presenting an ensemble comprised of Toronto jazz musicians playing music which is driven and altered by the brainwaves of the audience. Audience members can become part of an advanced mass EEG system which uses audience brainwaves to control both the music and lighting environment: a truly ‘smart’ building. Join us and see what happens when the mood of the environment is “regenerated” by the collective consciousness of the attendees.

    REGEN3 will be performed by Bryden Baird (trumpet), James Fung (keyboard) Dave Gouveia (drums), Sandy Mamane (bass) and Corey Manders (sax)

Sounds like Bill Gates’ house, or laying the groundwork for an alien invasion, which may be the same thing.

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