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Alphas returns to Syfy July 23. What will become of the team? The actors tell all at Comic-Con (with video).

Alphas Season Two Premieres Next Week on Syfy

Alphas returns to Syfy next Monday (July 23) for a second season. A sci-fi thriller series, Alphas revolves around the lives a group of ordinary but troubled people, each possessing a unique physical or mental power. While enhancing their lives, these super powers make them outsiders, even outcasts, in American society.

Working for the Defense Criminal Investigation Service of the U.S. Department of Defense, they are led by psychiatrist Dr. Lee Rosen (David Strathairn, Good Night and Good Luck) , an expert in alpha phenomena. Rosen’s alpha team investigates crime perpetrated by others with alpha abilities, particularly a rebel group of alphas called Red Flag.



Season one ended on a very down note. In the aftermath of alpha-massacre engineered (or at least manipulated) by the elusive head of Red Flag, Stanton Parish (John Pyper-Ferguson), Rosen feels responsible for having played into the organization’s hands. In the midst of the massacre, Gary Bell (Ryan Cartwright) gets violent after Red Flag member Anna (Liane Balaban) is murdered in the attack. Everything has pretty much gone to hell.

But within these catastrophic events, Rosen has found his own troubled, long-missing alpha daughter Danielle (Kathleen Munroe, Stargate Universe). But reconnecting with her (she is an empath) is just as painful as coming to terms with the massacre.

By the end of the season one finale, Dr. Rosen is shouting from the hilltops (or at least broadcasting over Times Square via a life-size LCD billboard) that alphas are real; they exist. This is not exactly something the U.S. government wants out there, especially since his broadcast originates from his report to a private governmental panel.

Talk about breaking news! And as season two begins, Rosen is locked up, institutionalized. It won’t be difficult for the government guys (with whom Rosen has always had a tense relationship) to mark the scientist as a lunatic, because that’s certainly how he comes across in living color. And they will undoubtedly try to “throw away the key.” Until, that is, they need him.

The team is broken up and the members scattered. On their own, and away from Dr. Rosen’s influence and mentorship, they begin to revert back to the worst in themselves—the downsides. What will happens as season two gets underway? The cast spoke to entertainment writers in San Diego at Comic-Con Saturday, talking about what to expect as season two unfolds.

David Strathairn:


alphas from barbara barnett on Vimeo.

Laura Mennell (Nina) and Warren Christie (Cameron):


Laura Menell from barbara barnett on Vimeo.

Season two of Alphas premieres at 10 PM ET on Syfy.


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