Friday , March 1 2024

Allah, Why Do You Hate Us So?

How can in this day and age of technology, cultural awareness, education and global media, a religion that calls itself “the religion of peace” be so violent?

Some scholars and critics of Western culture use the crusades as justification for the blood spilt in the name of Christ to excuse the continued perpetuation of religious atrocities – “the Christians used violence to rid themselves of non-believers, why shouldn’t we Islamist (radical Islamists of course)?”

Certainly the Catholic Church and various other religious institutions have committed crimes against humanity in the name of their God throughout the centuries.

BUT, haven’t the majority of religions learned that violence goes against the teachings of their various leaders, prophets and scripture? I think the answer is yes, by and large. How often do we see Pastors, Rabbis, Monks, Priests suggesting we take up arms against non-believers? In my church we are taught to embrace our brothers and sisters, using love and understanding to express our devotion to God.

What is different? What has changed? Why do 3 billion non-Muslim people of the world feel that violence for religious purposes is wrong, while 1/4 of our planet still finds it acceptable.

Wait, before the moderate and liberal followers of Islam or those who are so culturally aware and sensitive to the feelings of others become incensed, please hear me out fully.

I do not intend to suggest that ALL Muslims advocate violence. I know from personal experience that there are plenty of Muslims who follow a different line of understanding of the Koran and its teachings. BUT WHY DO I NEVER HEAR OR SEE THE OUTRAGE for violence committed in their religion’s name?

Is it the Jewish media? The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? Al Quaeda Operatives?


What I find instead are sites dedicated to illustrating the lawlessness, misogyny, perversion, cruelty and hatred for anyone who dares defy the words of Allah and his “selected spokespersons”.

In my heart I don’t think that Islam was meant to be so vilely restructured or the power of its religion corrupted so horribly. But somewhere, somehow, someone didn’t mind so much that their religious hierarchy claimed superiority over all other religions and sought to pave the path to proof with dead souls of the innocents.

A religion of peace does not target innocent civilians; women, children, men; those whose job it is to protect and serve through bravery and courage.

Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters, Friends Loved Ones.

I mourn not just for 9/11, which has scarred us all, but for the violence before and the violence after done in the name of Allah.

Please someone tell me this is not what Allah would praise, and don’t just tell me, TELL THE WORLD IN YOUR LOUDEST VOICE. We all need to know.

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