Friday , October 22 2021

AIRR: American Internet Radio Revolution

The Webcaster Alliance wants you:

    Webcaster Alliance today announced the organization is actively working to build a coalition of technology and music industry related organizations to spread the message of the American Internet Radio Revolution (AIRR) campaign.

    “Webcaster Alliance attorney David LeGrand and I spent several days in Washington, DC last week and were very encouraged by the feedback we received from our legislators,” said Ann Gabriel, President of Webcaster Alliance.

    The goal of the AIRR campaign is to create awareness of the challenges that continue to face Internet Radio, and to bring attention to the effect that some of the existing regulations have on industries that would benefit from the growth of the webcasting industry.

    LeGrand, a Las Vegas-based attorney whose practice areas include corporate and high-tech law, believes the timing is right to press this issue in Washington. “Just last week in DC the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation held a hearing on ownership in the radio industry. I believe that legislators understand that unlike the present state of the radio industry, broadcasting on the internet levels the playing field and fosters a level of innovation, competition and programming diversity not found in terrestrial radio today.”

    He continued, “One of the goals of the American Internet Radio Revolution is to bring attention to the fantastic variety of independent music that is out there and will never make it to the market under the monopolistic system that currently exists between the RIAA and their clients today. Would these major labels ever promote independent Cajun music like, an internet-only station that spotlights music from local artists? Or take the time to build a station like Internet Radio Hawaii whose Hawaiian genre playlist includes over 6,500 artists?”

    LeGrand concluded, “The American Internet Radio Revolution is about all segments of the webcasting community working together to build a healthy, viable industry. We are eager to begin working with Artists and Labels as we move forward and continue facing the challenges that lie ahead.”

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