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Adobe Scan
Adobe Scan

The Adobe Report, September 2017: The Back to School Edition

It has been a while since my last Adobe Report so there is a lot to catch up on from over the summer. Adobe has been busy working with everything from software to scanning and as always it seems there is something for everyone.

Adobe made its appearance in the mobile scanning game with the release of a new app called Adobe Scan. Sure, there are other apps out there that can do the same thing – essentially taking a picture of whatever you want to capture, such as a white board, screen, or document – but Scan integrates nicely into the Adobe Document Cloud workflow. It can generate PDFs and then perform optical character recognition on them so you can copy and paste text from them into other applications. One thing to note is that the OCR processing is performed in the Adobe Cloud and that means sending the document over the internet, which at least for now may not be good for some documents because of security reasons.

Adobe is now looking into virtual reality (VR). It appears that they are developing cutting-edge technology that at some point could turn your consumer-grade camera into a fully immersive VR video machine. That is, turning flat 360-degree video into VR. Perhaps with lean-into-the-video technology.

There were releases for both Premiere Pro (11.1.2) and After Effects (14.2.1) with performance enhancements as well as bug fixes. Premiere Pro fixes some issues with the Media Cache management feature and improves the Graphics and Text editing workflows, Formats, and File Support.

In After Effects there are Premiere Pro interoperability improvements, team project fixes, and scripting and expression updates.

Adobe Scan
Adobe Scan

There is also a new update of Adobe Lightroom (2015.12) that includes additional Camera Raw support, adds camera and lens profile support, and fixes some bugs. It does not add any additional features or improvements to the software.

All of these new items continue to make their corresponding products better and better. This is the reason why Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription really works.

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