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There is good TV on Friday nights, here's a quick example.

A Solid Friday Night of Television

Now, normally I eschew a weekend article.  While that might allow for a more easy going weekend, it always prevents me from talking about two of my favorite shows:  Las Vegas and Psych.  Sure, Monk is great, but this past season has been something of a let down there are tons of plot inconsistencies and obvious problems with the stories that prevent me from being able to, this season, list it as one of my favorites.  But, Las Vegas and Psych?  Just plain great.

Many people would declare Las Vegas a “guilty pleasure.”  I don’t because I in no way feel guilty at all about watching it.  Is the show terribly intelligent?  No.  Does the show really make you think?  No.  Is it hugely witty or intricate or surprising?  No.  It’s just plain old fun to watch.  The plots are ridiculously over the top, the actors ham it up, and the writing allows for all this outlandishness to take place.  If anyone take Las Vegas seriously they’ll think it’s an awful show.  But, the point of the entire endeavor is that it’s just plain old fun.  You don’t have to think or pay close attention to a tattoo on someone’s arm (not that there’s anything wrong with that), Las Vegas is just there to be seen.

Please don’t tell me that you don’t watch Psych.  You know, the show about the detective that pretends he’s a psychic in order to get cases.  You don’t?  You’re nuts.  In case you’re unfamiliar:  James Roday stars as Shawn Spencer, a kid that’s just a little too lax and laid back for his father (Corbin Bernsen) to appreciate.  Shawn, ecentually realizing he needs a way to make money utilizes his photographic memory and detective skills (both honed by his father, the one-time police officer) along with his penchant for making up stories to convince the police that he’s a psychic and can help them on cases.  Along for the ride is his best friend, Berton Guster (Dulé Hill).  The two of them open a detective agency and solve weird, wacky, and ridiculous crimes in Santa Barbara.

Psych actually makes a perfect pairing with Monk (which, amazingly, it airs right after), which, despite its weaknesses this season is still a pretty enjoyable show.  It’s not that Monk has gone too far with Adrian’s problems, it’s that they gotten too clever with the cases and they simply don’t work anymore; the plot flaws have begun to, on occasion, impair the show’s likability. Even so, if you haven’t seen Monk either, it’s definitely worth an hour of your time. 

Do I watch 3 hours of TV on Friday nights?  Yes, but only because Battlestar Galactica moved to Sundays and I’ve gotten tired of Law & Order.  Think of me what you will, just know this, Friday night television is not the vast wasteland some would have you believe it to be.  There’s good stuff there, you just have to know where to find it. 

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