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Babyshambles' guitarist Patrick Walden faces assault charges in London.

A Member of Babyshambles Is In Jail, And It’s Not Pete Doherty

Babyshambles guitarist Patrick Walden is in Pentonville Prison facing a charge of common assault, according to

Walden is accused of assaulting girlfriend Nadia Patane. He has pleaded not guilty and will remain in custody until an April 13 hearing.

Walden has had a stormy past with his band. He has left the band on at least one occasion, forcing frontman Peter Doherty to handle the guitar duties for a series of gigs. Most amazingly, Doherty was present to handle either vocal or guitar duties at these same gigs. Doherty’s personal and legal issues have caused him to be less than reliable when it comes to showing up for his own gigs.

Babyshambles is perhaps best known the world over because of the series of legal problems of Doherty. Doherty has faced drug charges now in the double digits and is still answering some pending drug charges. His problems might have taken on a new dimension when he allegedly kicked a reporter on his way out of a London courthouse following one of his many court appearances.

Doherty’s other claims to fame include his work with The Libertines and that he dated Kate Moss.

Babyshambles’ debut album, Down in Albion, was released in the UK in late 2005. It finally got its US release just last week. Greg Smyth and The Duke have both reviewed Down in Albion for Blogcritics.

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