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Join House blogger and author Barbara Barnett for a finale party live on Blogcritics Monday night

A Farewell to House, M.D.: Join Blogcritics For a Finale Party

And here we are: the final weekend before the final curtain of House, M.D. Eight seasons, and we still love him, still root for him. So where will you be Monday night at 8:00 p.m. (ET)? I hope you’ll be right here, with me, as together we say goodbye to House, Wilson, Chase, Foreman, and the rest of the crew.

Since the series began in 2004, Blogcritics has been home to the fandom, starting with Diane Kristine’s House blog, and then beginning in 2007, my own “Welcome to the End of the Thought Process.” What better place to gather, to cheer, to cry, to reminisce, to commiserate?

We’ll chat through the first hour, commenting on the House retrospective as it airs, and then as the finale unfolds (and, no, I’ve not seen it, in case you were wondering), we can talk during the (too frequent) commercial breaks. Then afterwards, we’ll continue the conversation until there’s no one left to party. We’ll stay live until the West Coast has had its chance to see the finale so they can also stop by (and stay spoiler free). We’ll do polls (best episodes, funniest moment, best clinic patient, best music, etc.), trivia spanning eight seasons, and much more.

I can’t promise, but there may be a special guest or two stopping by as well. This will be your opportunity to say goodbye not only to a wonderful series (that has taken entirely too much of my time lo these many years), but to each other.

I  also want take this opportunity in this, one of my finale House columns, to thank you all for your readership and friendship, your encouragement, kudos and even criticism over the years. You are the ones who’ve made “Welcome to the End of the Thought Process” the success it has been over the years. You are all fantastic. RSVP to our LiveChat Event:


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