Monday , October 22 2018
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Michael Jackson Trial: Grifters, Lickspittles, and Boys Boys Boys

I’m back on the MJ trial beat, having purged the debilitating sludge built up in my system over ten weeks of numbing, debased testimony, which has cast an ugly shadow across virtually everyone within the drama’s lurid light: sketchy accusers, former employees with grudges, Jackson-lickspittles — including his former wife …

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Strummer Train

The late Joe Strummer – singer, songwriter and guitarist of the Clash – had a train named after him at a ceremony Feb. 12 at Bristol Temple Meads railroad station in southwest England. The locomotive is a Class 47 diesel, originally designed in 1962. After being named, the train will …

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Dennis and Alice

Howard Dean has Al Gore, Dennis Kucinich has Alice Walker: Alice Walker Endorses Kucinich, Will Be Keynote at Kucinich Event What: “A Celebration of Light: Harnessing the Power of Our Diversity” – Public Forum Featuring Dennis J. Kucinich, Alice Walker, and community leaders, activists and artists in the fields of …

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Busting Out of the Cage

Copyright has to be radically changed to reflect the realities of the brave new digital world. You may not like it, but the only way to compensate creators, to give the average creator the incentive to continue to create, is some form of copyright tax, as I have mentioned many …

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Minority Report

We watched the DVD of Minority Report last night and I was shocked how good it is. The film works as an Fugitive-type crime thriller, a psychological study of loss and grief, as a clever and convincing sci-fi gee-whiz spectacle, and most importantly as as provocative cautionary tale regarding factors …

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Joe Strummer

I’m very sorry to see Joe Strummer go – 50 seems ridiculously young to me now. I was an enormous Clash fan – while the Sex Pistols may have been more “punk,” the Clash were a real band, a rock ‘n’ roll band that transcended the strictures of punk to …

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