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If you’re traveling with a significant other, certain romantic spots around the globe may be especially appealing to you.

5 Romantic Tourist Destinations You’ll Want to Visit With Your Significant Other

5 Romantic Tourist Destinations You’ll Want to Visit With Your Significant OtherTraveling around the world offers many rewards. One of the most interesting perks is that it enables you to get to know the people you’re traveling with much better. If you’re traveling with a significant other, certain romantic spots around the globe may be especially appealing to you.

Five Romantic Destinations to Check Out

Romance is alive in every nation and on every continent in the world. The scenery will change, but the rich emotions when you feel truly connected do not. As you travel the world, you might want to add the following romantic destinations to your ideal bucket list.

1. The Moselle River Valley

Germany is a country filled with beautiful places, but you’ll be hard pressed to find any single region that’s more gorgeous than the Moselle Valley (known by the locals as the Mosel). First cultivated by the Romans more than 2,000 years ago, this area hosts a number of castles, romantic wine villages, and lush fields ripe for the picking. The Moselle Valley is best experienced via river cruises, hiking, and cycling.

2. The Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye — Scotland’s second-largest Island — is a 50-mile patchwork of mountains, moors, and unique scenery you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. But a part of the ruggedness of its terrain is a captivating beauty that’s both invigorating and romantic. Able to boast of many castles and fine hotels, the Isle of Sky offers the perfect blend of romance and adventure. You’ll certainly want to include it on your list.

3. The Trevi Fountain

“If you’re looking for one of the most iconic and romantic spots of Rome, then Fontana di Trevi will give your eyes and soul that much deserved pleasure,” Med Cruise Guide asserts.“It’s the largest baroque fountain in Rome, and it has been featured in iconic films such as La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini.”

In addition to the Trevi Fountain, Rome is home a number of other unique and eclectic sites you’ll undoubtedly enjoy. These include ancient Roman ruins, gorgeous squares, lush parks and gardens, and beautiful churches.

Take your time in Rome and you’ll find there’s something for everyone in this ancient yet thriving metropolis.

4. Rojo Tango

The hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires may not seem like a suitable setting for romance, but you can get lost in the many different neighborhoods tucked inside this city. One of the top places to check out is the Rojo Tango, a popular club that features delicious cuisine, tasteful interiors, and one-of-a-kind cabaret performances. Just be sure to make reservations well in advance.

5. Napa Valley Wineries

If you find yourself on the West Coast of the U.S., Napa Valley is a must-see region. Just north of the gorgeous chaos that is San Francisco, Napa Valley feels like a breath of fresh air.

Rolling vineyards, beautiful wineries, romantic bed-and-breakfasts, and savory wine are waiting for you at every turn. Be sure to check out V. Sattui, Darioush Winery, and Castello di Amorosa, among others.

It’s also worth noting that there are two major roads in Napa Valley. Highway 29 is the main route that reaches from the city of Napa to Calistoga. Just to the east, Silverado Trail runs parallel to Highway 29 and provides a way to visit some quieter, lesser-known vineyards.

It’s recommended that you take one of these two to your destination, then loop back on the other.

Where Will Your Travels Take You?

You don’t need extravagant amounts of time or money to enjoy romantic destinations. They are accessible almost anywhere. The question you have to ask yourself is: Where your travels will take you?

If you’re lucky, you might end up at one of the destinations described in this article.

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