Saturday , June 15 2024
Who is up for a little product integration?

30 Rock Pushes Integration, Scrubs Pushes Buffett

Okay, it's dead horse beating time, but as long as I have a baseball bat and there is some dead horse sitting in front of me, I may as well, right? 

30 Rock (that's right, we're doing a Kenneth the Page thing again, deal with it).  Kenneth the Page referenced Martha Stewart last night… Martha Stewart.  You know, the Martha Stewart I used to work for after I was a Page.  The insight that Tina Fey has into my life is disturbing.  Does she have some sort of mystical powers that allow her to perceive into the depths of my soul? 

Actually, much of NBC's lineup parroted my life.  Like that good old Dr. Cox on Scrubs.  The man has had my attitude for years, but last night he called himself a Parrothead!  A Parrothead!  I've always wanted to be a Parrothead!  Some would call me a Parrothead, but I really haven't gone to that many Jimmy Buffett concerts.  I think to call me a Parrothead cheapens the name.  I'm a fan, but not a Parrothead.  Do you think I could become an honorary one, is that sort of thing done?

Seriously though (not that the above wasn't), I thought 30 Rock was great last night, particularly that Verizon scene where they kept mentioning Jack's phone.  Tina Fey looking at the camera at the end of the scene and asking if they could have their money now was genius.  What's even better though is that I'm sure that Verizon did in fact pay, that the integration of Verizon Wireless into the show was orchestrated at higher levels. 

I wish I could do that sort of thing.  I'm not above it.  Microsoft, if you're listening, you give me an Xbox 360 Elite (with HD-DVD player attachment) and I'll be more than willing to surreptitiously float a line here and there for weeks on end about how the greatest shows on television are just like an Xbox 360.  Or, maybe Disney would be willing to finance a trip to Disney World if I work in lines about how the greatest shows on television are a fantasy on par with the wonder and excitement of a Disney vacation.

I'm only sort of joking here.  It feels silly and wrong and really smart at the same time.  Television networks and production companies (everyone really) tries to wring every last dollar they can get out of advertisers.  And, why not, it's another revenue source.  The best part of it all was, as I said above, that Tina Fey looked at the camera and asked for her money.  She was very clear about what she was doing and I'm all for that.

Really what I'm saying though is that I'm available for product integrations.  Shoot me an e-mail and we can talk.  Everything has to be above board though, if I take anything I'm going to be very clear to everyone about my receiving compensation, it's the right way to do it I think.

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