Thursday , April 15 2021

3 column WordPress templates

WordPress is among the more popular blogging software applications because is is free and open source. WordPress uses templates, commonly known as themes, that contain the coding creating a graphical interface with an underlying design. The 3 column WordPress templates enable users to easily set up a blog with three columns.

Generally, a three-column template gives the user two sidebars in addition to the main column.  The main column is used for the main content of the blog while the sidebars can be used for links to other blogs or websites, advertisements or almost any other items. Depending on the template, the user can choose whether to place both sidebars on one side of the main column or put one on each side.

Widgets can be used to expand and customize sidebar content. There are both commercial and free WordPress templates available. Some of the latter are sponsored, meaning they contain bundled commercial ads and links.

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