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I am picking the NY Giants to be repeat champions in 2013, and the salient reason for this choice is Eli Manning.

2013 Super Bowl Pick – Eli Is His Own Manning

It is never easy for this Jets fan to admit, but my Gang Green is totslly out classed by Big Blue. The NY Giants are a much better team, from the front office down to the attendants in the locker room and the water boy. It is simple to see that an organization that has Tom Coughlin as its head coach is way more respectable than one that has Rex Ryan.

The truth of the matter though is that it comes down to leadership across the board. The one leader that is extremely crucial in football is the quarterback. He is like the pitcher and catcher in baseball combined; and there is where I usually make a decision about a team’s chances for playoffs and Super Bowl. I am picking the NY Giants to be repeat champions in 2013, and the salient reason for this choice is Eli Manning.

The Giants will probably end up playing the New England Patriots in February, but that is not a lock. However, if we look at the cream of the crop quarterbacks, Tom Brady is always worthy of consideration. Of course, there is Drew Brees and Peyton Manning if he is as good as he appears to be in the pre-season. However, I would argue that Eli is now his own Manning, worthy of the respect a premier quarterback deserves. In fact, I believe Eli is now the best there is and, with his supremely superior leadership skills, will guide his team to another championship.

Those of you who are looking at the loss to the Dallas Cowboys in the season opener should make no mistake. These are the same Giants who learned from losing last season. Eli thrives on being down; he relishes overcoming the obstacles and the naysayers to make his mark and win games with pluck, determination, and lots of talent.

So my pick to win it all is the NY Giants. Believe me, as a Jets fan that’s not something I like saying, but my team will be lucky to finish 8-8. You have to know that it will be Eli Manning who will make this happen again. He knows how to take the ball, make the plays, and get the job done, so the Giants will reign supreme in 2013.

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