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The summer ends with several promising releases including some famous imports, documentaries, adaptations, and plenty of thrillers.

2009 Summer Movie Preview: August

The last summer box office month hopes for a lasting impression as movie goers peruse through Nazi necrosis, alien refugee camps, fantasies and yet another Hasbro action-toy film adaptation.

NOTE: All dates subject to change. Be sure to check each film’s ratings and content at Kids in Mind.

August 7

A Perfect Getaway – Milla Jovovich and Steve Zahn star with Timothy Olyphant and Kiele Sanchez as vacationing couples who get more than they bargained for in this action thriller. Written and directed by David Twohy.

Beeswax – This family drama/comedy, written and directed by Andrew Bujalski, features intimate filmmaking technique with a plot centering on identical twin sisters (New York; releasing in Los Angeles on August 21).

Bliss – Also known as Mutluluk, this dramatic thriller features the beautiful Özgü Namal who stars as Meryrem in this adaptation of Zülfü Livaneli's novel. Director Abdullah Oguz helms this life-changing experience set in Turkey as Meryrem experiences a new life, with two other travelers, prompted by her circumstantial change due to a social code (limited release).

Cold Souls – Sophie Barthes writes and directs this comedy/drama about some very unique activities regarding people’s souls. Paul Giamatti, Emily Watson, David Strathairn, and Lauren Ambrose star (limited release).

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Hasbro’s military heroes and villains come to life in this live action adventure directed by Stephen Sommers. Nice to see the mass destruction (landmarks optional)/babes in tight fitting outfits/non-stop action formula has not changed much in ten years.

I Sell the Dead – Glenn McQuaid directs and writes this comedy/horror that centers on grave robbers Willie Grimes, played by Larry Fessenden, and Arthur Blake, played by Dominic Monaghan. Ron Perlman also stars as Father Duffy who gets a firsthand account of these exploits (limited release).

Julie & Julia – Amy Adams and Meryl Streep star as Julie Powell and Julia Child in this culinary comedy/drama where Julie spends a year making Julia’s recipes. Stanley Tucci co-stars and Nora Ephron directs.

Paper Heart – Nicholas Jasenovec directs and co-writes this comedic documentary starring Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi, a young woman searching for true love across the United States (New York and Los Angeles; expanding August 14).

August 14

Bandslam – Todd Graff directs and co-writes this family musical that stars Vanessa Hudgens, Alyson Michalka, Gaelan Connell, and Lisa Kudrow.

District 9 – A sci-fi thriller where extraterrestrials are put into a South African refugee camp where the Multi-National United (MNU), who ogle the alien’s unique abilities, find one of their own men, played by Sharlto Copley, is exposed to unseen powers.

Earth Days – Robert Stone directs and writes this environmental documentary including content subjects Stewart Udall, Paul Ehrlich, Steward Brand, Hunter Lovins, and Rusty Schweickart (New York; releasing in Los Angeles on August 21).

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard – Jeremy Piven, Ving Rhames, James Brolin, and David Koechner star in this salesmen comedy. The second production from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions is directed by Neal Brennan.

Grace – Paul Solet directs and writes this horror drama where a pregnant mother, played by Jordan Ladd, suffers a car accident that kills her baby, but she insists on delivering the baby anyway as disturbing events unfold (New York, Los Angeles).

It Might Get Loud – This guitarist documentary features the amazing trio of Jimmy Page, the Edge, and Jack White and their respective artistic methods. Davis Guggenheim directs (New York, Los Angeles).

Ponyo – This Japanese animated import, directed by Hayao Miyazaki, features the voices of Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Tina Fey, Cloris Leachman, Liam Neeson, Lily Tomlin, and Betty White. The story, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Little Mermaid," centers on a goldfish’s wish to become human.

Pool Boys – Brent Davern and Matthew Lillard and star in this career comedy about life dreams that haven’t quite succeeded. The pair turns to menial jobs at a mansion which quickly becomes a chaotic mess after they get caught up in an escort business. George Takei, Tom Arnold, and Efren Ramirez also star (limited).

Spread – Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche match up in this comedy/romance where mutual desires create unique living arrangements. Rising Russian gymnast turned actress Margarita Levieva co-stars (limited).

The Time Traveler’s Wife – Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana star in this romance drama, based on the best-selling book, as a unique man tries to retain the love of his life through some extraordinary circumstances.

August 17

Taxidermia – This visually striking generational drama follows a grandfather, father and son directed and written by Gyorgy Palfi and adapted from Lajos Parti Nagy‘s short stories (limited).

August 21

Five Minutes of Heaven – Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt star in this drama, set in Northern Ireland, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (limited).

Inglourious Basterds – Quentin Tarantino directs this multilayered action drama about a group of Jewish-American soldiers looking to get even with Hitler during World War II. Eli Roth, B.J. Novak, Samm Levine, Diane Kruger, and Brad Pitt star plus you can look for: Maggie Cheung, Samuel L. Jackson, and Mike Myers.

The Marc Pease Experience – Ben Stiller stars with Jason Schwartzman who plays the title character in this high school comedy. Todd Louiso directs and co-writes (limited).

My One and Only – Renee Zellweger, Chris Noth, Kevin Bacon, Logan Lerman, and Steven Weber star in this 1950s family drama/comedy (New York and Los Angeles, expanding September 4).

Post Grad – Alexis Bledel plans for her life after high school… while moving back in her family’s house in this comedy.

Shorts – Robert Rodriquez directs and writes this fantasy action adventure starring Jon Cryer, William H. Macy, Leslie Mann, and James Spader.

World’s Greatest Dad – Bob Goldthwait directs and writes this comedy/drama featuring Robin Williams as Lance Clayton, a high school poetry teacher who experiences some extraordinary events (limited).

August 28

At the Edge of the World – Dan Stone directs this Antarctic adventure documentary (New York).

Big Fan – Robert Siegel directs and writes this sports comedy starring a New York Giants fan, played by Patton Oswalt. Kevin Corrigan, Michael Rapaport, and Marcia Jean Kurtz co-star (limited).

The Final Destination – This action thriller film series continues in 3D as survivors of a race crash try to avoid death.

H2: Halloween 2 – Picks up from director Rob Zombie’s previous reboot installment with returning stars Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm McDowell, and Tyler Mane, who plays the vicious Michael Myers.

The September Issue – This documentary puts the lens on fashion editor Anna Wintour, who headed Vogue. Directed by R.J. Cutler (New York, expanding September 11).

St. Trinian’s – This comedy stars Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Lena Headey, Stephen Fry, Mischa Barton, Russell Brand, Toby Jones, Gemma Arterton, and Caterina Murino as this school for "young ladies" tries to avoid bankruptcy (limited).

Taking Woodstock – Director Ang Lee chronicles the events surrounding Elliot Tiber, played by Demetri Martin, and how his family’s farm was chosen as the venue for the classic 1969 music concert.

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