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After seeing 20 horses run in the Kentucky Derby, there are only nine running this Saturday.

2007 Preakness – Thursday Update

After seeing 20 horses run in the Kentucky Derby, there are only nine running this Saturday. You'll find the order and the odds at the bottom of this article.

  • Street Sense and Hard Spun, the two top horses will run side by side in the Preakness.
  • The first three finishers along with Circular Quay are coming back after only two weeks rest. This is probably the only time in their history to come back after such a short rest.
  • Curlin and Flying First Class arrived by air around 10:40 am on Wednesday.
  • Hard Spun arrived by van at 1:35 pm on Wednesday.
  • Street Sense arrived at Plimlico a little after 4 pm on Wednesday.
  • Barbaro will be honored at this year's Preakness. It was at last year's Preakness that Barbaro suffered his life ending injury, and so this year they renamed the "Sir Barton Stakes"; which was the first horse to win the Triple Crown, to the "Barbaro Stakes." It is the ninth race on Preakness day and Barbaro's trainer, Michael Matz, will run his number one three-year-old Chelokee in it.
  • D. Wayne Lucak has high hopes for Flying First Class, "We're not going for the crab cakes," said Lukas, a five-time winner of the Preakness. "We're going over there with high expectations. I think we're going to raise hell, I really do."

Preakness Stakes 132 Field

1 Mint Slewlep 30-1
2 Xchanger 15-1
3 Circular Quay 8-1
4 Curlin 7-2
5 King of the Roxy 12-1
6 Flying First Class 20-1
7 Hard Spun 5-2
8 Street Sense 7-5
9 CP West 20-1
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