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ZOX – The Wait

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I’ve been meaning to write a review of ZOX’s new record The Wait for some time now (since it’s been on my desk for weeks) but I haven’t been able to find the right words. It’s funny how a really great record can just shut me the hell up.

ZOX, from Providence, RI, have accomplished something really special with this record. And not just in a “wow this record is so good” kind of way. They did it with numbers. ZOX, an unsigned band, a band without even a manager, debuted at #1 this week in the Providence Soundscan. Not to mention #46 in Boston and #51 in Albany. Unsigned bands don’t move numbers like that in their first week. Especially not when the album’s been available online for months before it hit store shelves.

The record is stupendous. It’s heartfelt. It’s playful, it’s dark, it’s pretty. And unlike their last record, it wasn’t produced in their basement. It sounds awesome.

Chances are, ZOX have been through your town before. And they will again. They tour relentlessly, and those familiar with the band’s work ethic shouldn’t be too surprised with the volume of records they’ve moved already one week after their release. Do yourself a favor, check their site, and find a time to see them live.

And for God’s sake, buy the record. Not because I told you to. Not because a ton of other people already have. But because it’s fresh, it’s different, and you’ll be genuinely glad you did.

Check out my interview with Dan from ZOX here.

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