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Zoey 101: Season Three Downfall

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Zoey 101 used to be favorite show. Now, I seriously wonder why I watch it. In the old days, I loved this show. I wrote fan fiction, belonged to a fan site, and would scream at my parents for even suggesting we go out when a new episode was on. This was before the good old days of TiVo.

There has only been one great episode this season, "Quarantine". This is the episode where scientist/nerd Quinn (Erin Sanders) releases a germ in her dorm room. This causes her, Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears), Lola (Victoria Justice), Chase (Sean Flynn), Michael (Chriss Massey), and Matthew Underwood (Logan) to be stuck in a room together. Quinn worries that her boyfriend is cheating on her, while Zoey needs to cancel a date. Lola tries practicing for an audition by randomly screaming. Chase thinks he's going to die, and Michael is so hungry, he's willing to eat baby food. Logan, meanwhile, is the only sane one.

There have been a couple of good ones: "Surprise" (season opener), "Chase's Girlfriend" (Chase's girlfriend forces Zoey to not talk to Chase), and "Zoey's Tutor" (the gang thinks Zoey and Logan are dating). As for the rest, I don't know why I bother watching.

One of the main problems of Zoey 101 is the tendency to kick off the good actresses. Kristin Herrera (Dana) was kicked off the show after the first season. The official story was that she was fired for looking "too old". This was total crap, because she was the same age as Sean Flynn. Since then, she has been seen in Freedom Writers with Hilary Swank. Kristin was awesome. She played the really mean roommate. She could have made this season so much better.

The second actress sacked was sweet Alexa Nikolas, who played Zoey's boy crazy, sugar-high roommate, Nicole. Blogcritics was one of the first sites to address this topic. Basically, Alexa was too much for high-maintenance Jamie Lynn Spears. I won't go into too much detail, as you can read it for yourself. Plus, it just really pisses me off. Jamie Lynn’s sister Britney Spears actually came on set and threatened Alexa, making her cry. She has been spotted guest starring on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Anyway, the writers tried to make Quinn act like Nicole, all hyper and boy-crazy. It just doesn't work.

The next problem is they never play new episodes! The season aired September 24, 2006 and they haven't played the entire season. Are you joking me? Seriously? Get real. It's so random, too! Honestly. It's not like every three Sundays, it's like one week goes by, new episode, five weeks, new episode, four weeks, new episode… IT GIVES ME A HEADACHE!

It is well known that I hate Jamie Lynn Spears with all my heart. She's a horrible actress. I feel I waste my time by explaining how bad she is, so simply go find any other article I wrote on Zoey 101. There have to be at least five different places I rag on her (including when I blame her for Alexa getting fired). But, honestly, is she getting worse? I find as the years go on, she is getting worse rather than better. At least in season two, there are some times when she is at least tolerable. ("Spring Break-up" and "Time Capsule," to name a couple). Give Matt and Erin some lines and don't make it a show revolving around her. I don't care if it's called Zoey 101, I only watch for the supporting cast!

Season three is crappy. Step it up, Zoey 101, because you are already losing one of your biggest fans. It's no wonder that I've heard rumors of cancellation.

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  • Jacob Earl

    I know im like 5 years late and all and you probly wont even see this, but the kids were all only like 15 or 16. You gotta give them props, this was the most viewed show of 2006, out of every other teen reality show. First of all, Jamie’s hot, so are all the ither girls. This show was my child hood. Dont mess it up. Thanks.

  • Courtnie

    I kind of agree with Maddy a little bit about Zoey 101 only about the acting part.For real y’all acting SUCKS!!!!! except Erin Sanders. I guess when I was a kid I’ve never noticed that but when I watch Teennick and I seen the reruns I realized y’all we’re never good from the start. You guys seriously over act and it stinks. And also that ticked me off when Sean Flynn (Chase) was gone and Austin Butler (James) was in. Because I loved Sean Flynn`s character as Chase his Character was sweet & kind & I know Austin Butler`s character was also like that but I just didn’t like that whole thing with “Out with the in & In with the new” . And it also was because I had a crush on Sean Flynn (Chase) too.After that I did not want to watch Zoey 101 it just made me too angry but y’all got me back with the episode “Quinn misses the Mark” that made me want to watch Zoey 101 again when Mathew Underwood (Logan) & Erin Sanders (Quinn) kissed & they started going out (secretly). Then it really made me happy when the season finale “Chasing Zoey” came on I definitely watched that. The point I’m basically making is that you guys NEED & I mean NEEED to work on your acting skills. (Jamie Lynn Spears, Kristen Herrera, Sean Flynn, Christopher Massey,Alexa Nikolas,Paul Butcher, & Matthew Underwood) PS. Mathew Underwood I can’t believe your in jail for being with a 17 year old girl aren’t you 20 years old date Erin Sanders y’all have a long history with kissing each other on Zoey 101. And by the way Maddy Alexa Nikolas was being mean to Jamie Lynn Spears from the start I’m not say it was right for Brittney to go off like that & make her cry but I am saying that if your going to say you hate Jamie you should do some research or something.

    • Go

      Your grammar isn’t good from the start

    • person1234

      I hope you know that you’re not actually talking to the actors. This is basically a blog. You’re talking to the person who created this. Just saying.

      And are you 12 or something, because your grammer gives me a headache.

  • Stacy

    Hey I only watched Season 1 and Season 2 hope its great.

  • sapphireblue

    sean flynn goes off to find zoey who has moved to london cos of her parents but she comes back and they cancel it after season 4 cos jamie lynn gets pregnant. they should so do a reunion!!!! i am following jamie lynn, victoria and alexa on twitter, i will ask them what happened ok and none of them are TERRIBLE actresses but nobody’s perfect remember. as for absolutely hating their characters, they are just acting, its not their fault it is what the director thinks ok. BRING BACK ZOEY 101!!!!!!!!!!

  • NeverItMatter

    I wonder why, cause they losing so much cast and kicking people out for no reason and the person direct this didnt get much money to offer the show much since zoey was pregnant they shouldnt cancle the show? She should keep going but now cause since her sister britney wont be a cow bissh to treat alexa much it wouldnt happen when she left pluse Dana Cruis left the group cause its to much when she hired a new job they should of add more cast in there like victoria justice (lola marinez)

  • Gabby

    I totally disagree with you on all of this. Zoey 101 from the first season all the way to the last season was really good. I love watching Zoey 101 still. But Kristin Herrera didn’t get kicked off set or fired from the set she left for personal reasons and left because Alexa was always starting shit with her and Jamie Lynn..Alexa Nikolas was the one who got kicked off set/fired for starting fights with Jamie Lynn spears.

  • celine

    i love zoey i,m your biggest fan ever

  • Anna


    The show is pretty intersting, and if was still airing that proves people watched it.
    honestly no one cared about “nicole” , my favorite character was Quinn – Zoey sucked.

  • anonymous

    AMEN to that Jamie!

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  • angelica

    listen NON OF YOUR BUSINESS everithing that you said is a lie jamie lyn is a great actres she doesnt deserve people that doubt her like you she is like other actresses i like to see you tell her all the mean things you say to her face and ill be there to laugh and point

  • non of you business

    CAMERON I agree with you zoey is such a watse of time. that thing gets me on my nerves.Sje has no respect,no right to get pregnant at that age ,and to unsatisfied . she has problems,and I really wonder if she goes to church.Well god alone has a plan for her life as ther days re caming.And Zoey GET A GRIP ON IT AND ACT NORMAL CAUSE YOUR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cameron

    Jamie lyn spears pregnant , not my business.But firing two of the best stars one comment ,uncalled for.Zoey is the star on Zoey 101 I totally get it but for heavens sake give the co-stars more lines.Jamie Lyn should get kicked off the show for her behaviour and I totally agree with NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.To all you haters to bad.

  • non of you business

    I THINK jAMILYN WAS RUDE AND OUT OF PLACE TO KICK DANA OUT OF THE SHOW .SHES JUST JEALOUS AND ZOEY DONT THINK YOUR ALL THAT ,CAUSE YOUR NOT !!! !!!!!!!!!!! AND I THINK THE SHOW SHOULD BE CANCELED CAUSE ,THAT THING IS TO YOUNG TO HAVE A CHILD. and zoey show respect for the other actresses on the show.cause all dana nichole queen and all the others are way better than you . and girl go to church and learn about god ,cause if it wasent for him,i wonder where your gonna be.

  • kim

    I don’t agree that Jamie’s not good, and I don’t know anything about Jamie and Alexa, but I have to say, Zoey 101 without Dana, Nicole, and Chase just doesn’t feel like the first season! even though Lola’s OK, but it doesn’t feel like “home”. I really miss Dana. she was really cool. in season three and four, everything seems to get crazy. but really, jamie already has her baby. how would she act like Zoey? it would give ME another feeling. I just miss the old cast.

  • jd dejulia

    u are right she is a horrible actress jamie is. i think she is thriving for attention just like her sister. a cant believe that they fire the mean room mate that was awsome

  • Elizabeth

    Okay, I know Jaimie Lynn’s actions are un called for, but you don’t know for a FACT Brittany is doing that stuff, or Jaimie got Nicole fired. When you prove it, (which is highly unlikely) then i will believe you people. Jaime Lynn should be a role model for younger girls, yes, but everyone makes mistakes in their life. I am sure that someone who commented about her being prego(no offense) is sitting at home trying to be a wonderful teenage mom. You know who you are, and now, you know that you cannot say anything. I think that Jaimie Lynn is a nice girl, (from what ive heard and seen)and people need to stop bagging on her. Normally, I won’t say this kind of stuff for famous ppl who do that, but I actually like Jamie Lynn, so I will say it. But yeah, you seriously need to realize whats in front of you before you start posting comments.

  • Nicole

    I like can’t believe Jamie Lynn i pregnant!

  • jamie

    that is so sad britney needs to stop threatinin the cast of zoey she needs to et a life i feel bad for alexa she shodnt be crying britne sperars you look like A COW

  • mecy

    zoe รจ bellissima

  • Annoymous

    I think they are actually cancelling because of Zoeys pregnancy…..

    is this true?

    I don’t want it to end!

  • max

    i think zoey 101 is the best show and you dont have to take it of nick because think how the fans would react when its over then another stupid show will come up and it would ruin everything.
    o i almost forgot BRING CHASE (SEAN FLYYN)BACK TO THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zoe

    I love zoey101 d’ont cancel it they like a 1000 kids watch that

  • marcoisgay

    sean flynn was the actor on the show……….

  • marcoisgay

    why did they take sean flynn off the show.

  • bob

    i love you jamie lynn spear <33333333333333333333333333333

  • CallmeMaddy


    Let’s get this straight. The only posts I have deleted are ones who’ve threatened my life and those who write personal information. I don’t want to be responsible for some idiot kid being kidnapped.

    You have your opinions. Congrats. Next step is to write your own article. Good luck. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • guest

    ok i know you will delete this because you only want comments supporting what you like and what you think, the truth is you don’t let people ‘speak their mind’ because you just go in and edit and delete what you dont like. but i dont care im going to say this anyways.YOU HAVE ISSUES! sure some of what you are saying is true ( like how they rarely show new episodes and kick off co-stars ) but I mean give me a break you are her biggest fan and the show will suffer without you? do you know how many people watch that show?i dont think they will miss you….and also jaime lynn isn’t a bad actor, sure she isnt perfect but she isnt terrible and you are getting all worked up over her acting GET A LIFE! plus just incase you havent heard THEY ARENT CANCELING ZOEY 101 because shes human, shes not perfect, and we all make mistakes, should her whole career be jeaopordized because of that?no

  • leah

    i totally dont think u know everything call me maddy.if u dont like the show dont watch it is my a dvice.-leah

  • someone

    i love the show zoey 101 but i dont think you should cancel it. the show is about teenagers in their early years and if you show jamie (zoey) pregnant maybe it will bring more viewers and get people thinking! and about the show only revolving around zoey maybe you should watch more episods because it doesnt yes, maybe zoey is the main character but its also about everyone else just as much i loved dana and nicole but the new cast is just as good 2 thumbs up to the show Zoey 101 and by the way DONT CANCEL IT!!

  • sumone

    most of that is crap kristen left because she got offered another job nd oww iss it jamies fault if err gobby sis cums down nd opens err big mouth yuu shud find facts b4 yuu publish errmm i like all ovv the ‘zoey 101’ crew nd yuu shud shut yur BIG MOUTH B4 YUU GET CRAP OFF THE SPEARS FAMILY OK ……………..YEHH SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPP

  • leahhhhhhhhhhh

    first of all i agree with ella, I LOVE HER. SHE IS SO FUNNY AND THERE SHOULD BE MORE OF HER. she is my idol. But i love zoey too even though she is pregnant they should do the show after she has the baby becuase i dont know if i can live without this show like seriously. Lola is cool too but chase needs to cut his hair but i still love him and i love michael,logan, quinn, AND STACEY AND ZOEY. tell britney i said hello: ) REMEMBER: MORE STACEY=MORE MONEY

  • ella

    ok i love the show zoey 101 but u no what i think there should be more of stacy in it.she brings life to the show and she is so funny.I LOVE STACY DILSON!!!

  • They shouldn’t cancel the show is a good show everybody likes to watch it those who say they hate it is because there sad that is getting canceled but it shouldn’t be canceled because is a good show Ihope you don’t cancel it and well the show is not that good since alexa got fired that is she was like the one that made the show work who cares if she was fighting with jamie who cares if she looked older but people fight not everybody is perfect and some people look older for there age and some look younger but that doesn’t mean you can’t put them on the show I really hope you guys don’t cancel the show and try to bring alexa back but if you are going to cancel it at least make a great last episode that is long at least two hours

  • Anonymous

    It sucks because shes pregnant. I hope they do cancel her show because shes a horrible role model. Just like her sister.

  • Sarah

    Yeah, I just left you a comment on one of your other postings, but I’m still reading. Anyway, this is actually why I sought out your blog. I remember after reading a story of yours around the time the character of Nicole disappeared and then reading on your profile that you write here. I was hoping you wrote something on Zoey 101 because I’m actually writing a paper involving it for a class called Education, Media, and Society. For my final I’m writing a research paper on television shows targeted at 9-14 year olds with a focus on the educational/informational value of them. I’m definitely going to be quoting some of your material on here because I believe quoting actual fans/viewers makes for much more well rounded research, but if you are willing to or actually want to discuss the show and/or other kids television shows and give me some more quotes, please contact me (ff.net, Simply Sarah). And soon too because this was actually the last bit of research I was finding as I’m writing the paper which is due in two short days.

    Enough of my rambling though. About your opinion, I completely agree-except I don’t think season three and later have revolved around Zoey completely, but more frequently Chase is getting the A-plot line and she’s getting the sub-plot. Don’t let those flames get you down.


  • CallmeMaddy

    1. Britney did not have a crappy rep when Zoey 101 was created.

    2. As for Alexa, do your research. All sources say that Alexa was fired because she was fighting with JAMIE not Matt/Erin/Chris/Victoria/Sean/Paul.

    3. If I like the supporting actors and actresses, I’m not going to stop watching. I am going to complain.

  • Kappa

    I sincerely doubt Kristin got kicked off the show. I never liked Alexa, her person and her character on the show. Girly girls are always the biggest pain. Her acting sucks and Jamie Lynn is WAY better. Just because Britney has a bad rep doesn’t have to mean she was the one removing Alexa from the show. It’s possible more than one or two cast member also hates Alexa and when you’re producing a show, it’s better to lose one than an entire cast. Too bad Kristin’s not on the show anymore. The character Lola is just another “chase after dreams” girl, nothing special. Zoey and Dana were the only ones I liked. And if you only watch a show for its supporting casts then go watch something else! Zoey’s the title character so of course the show’s gonna revolve around her! If you considered yourself once a “biggest fan” then you would get your facts straight.

  • Jen

    People are over Britney and she has a bad rep. They wouldn’t give the show to Jamie just because she is Britney’s sister. That factor actually works against Jamie. It’s also sad how Jamie Lynn has the deal with all the heat… because of the stupid moves her sister makes. Jamie Lynn had to audition for All That. Then Dan Scneider wrote this part for her himself after she did All That for awhile. He thought she should have her own show after he came up with the idea for Zoey. He immediately thought of Jamie for the part and thought it would work well. All this info are straight up facts from articles of Dan being interviewed about the show.

  • Mike

    Hey about the whole they never show any new episodes last night they premiered season 4.

  • CallmeMaddy

    Flames. Gotta love them.

    I’m going to write this ONE MORE TIME.

    I don’t hate Jamie completely. She’s a great singer (personally, I think she should make an album). And she did fine on All That. She’s just not good enough for a lead.


    Yeah, and she only got it b/c of Britney.

  • Jen

    Just to let you know.. Kristen didn’t get fired. She left the show because Alexa was a alittle brat. That is why Jamie couldn’t stand her. Alexa was a snobby little shit that was made that she didn’t get the role of Zoey. Jamie Lynn and kristen were like best friends on the set as well.

    Also, you are obviously just biased of Jamie Lynn… probably because of Britney which is pathetic because she is nothing like her and it’s not fair to judge her based upon that. Jamie Lynn is a great actress. She wouldn’t have one the 2006 kca award for fav tv actress if otherwise. She is here to stay so get over it. And the whole media story about how Alexa left because Britney threatened her is bs. Do you always believe what you read? Or is that it that you believe what you want to be true in your own little mind?

  • Andrew

    Sorry, but I disagree with everything you have to say in this article. Season 3 of Zoey has been the best Season so far without doubt. The acting has improved immensly and the storylines such as in Zoey’s Balloon, Chase’s Grandma and my personal favourite Drippin’ Episdoe are extremly well written.

    As for Jamie Lynn Spear’s acting there is really nothing wrong with it. You are simply biased against her for some reason, Jamie play’s her specific character well, there’s no denying that.

    A couple of other points, Quinn’s character has not changed since Nicole left she’s simply evolved slightly with age. The show is not going to be canceled because they’ve already finished Season 4, you’re report about Nicole’s firing is not based on facts otherwise it would have been widely reported and finally it’s up to Nickolodeon when they air shows it has nothing to do with Zoey 101.