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Zero Is A Hero

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Algebra teachers, start rewriting your textbooks. For the first time, 0 equals 30.5. Zero being Gilbert Arenas’ jersey number, and 30.5 being his scoring average.

Arenas had a great season last year, trailing only LeBron James and Allen Iverson in scoring. But it’s this year that he has joined Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron as the top young players in the NBA. He may be in a class by himself. He has more steals than Wade, is scoring higher than LeBron, and passes better than Carmelo. And he is a marksman behind the three-point line, especially in clutch situations.

Arenas has many quirks that make him a fan favorite in D.C. He enjoys ordering random products from infomercials, indulging on cheeseburgers (he consumed 12 on a road trip to Canada), and playing poker on his computer during halftime. Arenas is famous for his tradition of throwing his jersey into the stands at the end of home games. His nicknames abound, ranging from “The East Coast Assassin” to “Agent Zero.”

Of course, he has plenty of room for improvement. Arenas turns the ball over a lot, and needs to improve his playmaking abilities. He lead the league in turnovers last year and was in the top ten in that category for the past three years.

Although he may make lavish purchases, Arenas also donates much of his money to charity. For every point he scored this year, he has donated $100 to D.C public schools, an average of $3050 per game. Every donation he makes will be doubled by the Wizards’ owner.

Gilbert Arenas is the perfect star for this generation. He’s a guy who loves life and gives his all on the court. Plus, he’s helping out the D.C community beyond basketball. Hopefully he’ll be remembered and loved by Wizards fans for many years to come.

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