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YouTube Video: Kate and Gin

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I’m not one for “reality TV” or the American Idol-type shows that seem to be taking over the airwaves. As such, I’ve never actually watched an episode of Britain’s Got Talent, but one day I stumbled across this clip from the show and my jaw nearly hit the floor. Since then, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched the clip in its entirety – and I’m still amazed by it!

Canine freestyle is a relatively recent exercise that is thought to have begun sometime around 1989. It blends obedience training and dance moves into an incredibly entertaining combination, and generally requires a lot of practice, even more patience, and a strong bond between dog and handler. I am both thrilled and amazed that this shy, 16-year old British girl is so obviously devoted to her furry little friend, Gin.

While I have never taken part in any canine freestyle training myself, I have worked with a Border Collie mix before, and I can appreciate the amount of work it must have taken to get Gin so focused. Border Collies are a very clever herding breed with a great deal of energy, and so often owners find themselves unprepared to give them the amount of exercise they so desperately need. Kudos to Kate for channeling her dog’s intelligence and energy into such a fun activity!


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  • Fantastic! One of the best “dog” acts I’ve seen in a long time.