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Your Vinyl Answer-Dire Straits Dire Straits (1978)

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I have come into close contact with a huge collection of vinyl recently. Our turntable has just been waiting to be put to very good use. I thought I would try to listen to one a day, and go through them all. There are hundreds!

So here is my new series:

Your Vinyl Answer

I hate 70s folk music. It’s draggy and too full of itself.

Dire Straits manages to step out of its own time, though. Mark Knopfler knows what he’s doing. It’s just such a great album, with flowing guitar to go along with the great lyrics.

It feels like afternoon sunshine on the lounge chair in the backyard. The recording is so clear. His vocals, the guitars, the drums are utterly distinct. Like relaxing on a sunny day, you can let all the sensations and thoughts be savored.

There is more than a little nostalgia and the taste of the one that got away. But when your guitar is there to comfort you, it’s easier to believe that it will all work out somehow.

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About Murphy

  • this particular record is so great..and stands on its own.

    at the time it came out, nothing else sounded like it.

    nothing has since either.

  • Eric Olsen

    very nice to see you back Murphy – I agree, the first Dire Straits is classic and indelible. As so often happens, as good as some of their other work has been, none of it touches this.

  • One of the best debut records ever. Sultans of Swing is also one of the coolest guitar rock tunes ever.

  • J T

    Yes there is nothing like Dire Straits on Vinyl. One LP that I trasured but lost is Love Over Gold. It is one of my best sounding mass market records. Musically not a match for the earlier efforts, but still one of my all time favorites.