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Your TV is Ringing

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TV streaming for cell phone coming in Korea:

    Local press in Korea has confirmed that Korea Telecom will beam 9 TV channels to 3G phone users this month. The channels are believed to include a music channel and a news channel.

    The phone inset is the Samsung V3000 which is similar to the Samsung 3G CDMA2000 1xEV-DO SCH-V310 which can be fully viewed by following the link below.

    The Samsung V3000 will be the first phone that allows Koreans to see TV on there 3G mobiles. We wonder will there be commercial breaks !

    The cost is reported to be approx. W25,000 for an hours worth of TV viewing.

about $1 for three minutes – only $20 for an hour of tiny TV. There’d better not be any freaking commercials.

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