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Your own private war correspondent

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Journalist Christopher Allbritton is raising money on his blog Back to Iraq 2.0 to travel to Iraqi Kurdistan to report on the war on his weblog.

Justin Hall did a similar thing on a smaller scale, asking for donations to buy a digital camera to use when writing about his time in Japan (I think he raised about $500).

Christpher writes on the sidebar of his blog:

“Hi there! Thanks for stopping in. I’m Christopher Allbritton, former AP and New York Daily News reporter. This summer I went stumbling around Iraqi Kurdistan, the northern part of Iraq outside Saddam’s direct control, looking for stories. (Some might call it “looking for trouble.”) Well, now I want to go back in time for the war. So I’m asking your help in supporting independent journalism! Send me back to Iraq to report on what’s happening. (Please click here for more details.) Click on of the payment systems below to donate (Amazon is likely easier.) You can see the progress I’ve made in rasing funds further down under “Angel Investors.” Thanks, everyone!

As of today, he’s raised just over $2,000 (he has a budget of $10,000 which will also include his own savings). He has a list of contributors and plans on emailing them his dispatchs a day before they are posted on his blog.

More on Wired News, Reporter Takes His Weblog to War.

Also, see the site by photographer Susan Meiselas, akaKurdistan.

And CNN correspondent Kevin Stiles is posting on the guest bar at Boing Boing and to his own blog including audioblog entries via his phone.

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    Update: Lost Remote is collecting links to blogs by war reporters (left column). And as of Monday morning (March 17), Chris has raised over $5,0000.