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Your own private Sundance screening

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Two of the documentaries in competition at Sundance are airing on most PBS stations Monday night. “American Experience” is showing Stanley Nelson’s “The Murder of Emmett Till” and “Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin” is on “POV.”

I’ll have reviews of both programs on Monday and of another amazing “POV” presentation, “The Two Towns of Jasper” on the murder of James Byrd, later in the week.

Watching the documentaries Monday night will be like having your own private Sundance screening without having to wait in line out in the cold. And with nine of the documentaries at Sundance from PBS, you’ll be able to see even more over the next year or so. Sundance is one festival where (at least in the programming), documentaries are as important as feature films. They have a House of Docs area and have added an international documentary program this year.

Other PBS docs at Sundance include:

Segments from the seven-part “The Blues” which will air in the fall are being shown as part of a special screening. Directors for the episodes include Martin Scorsese (who is excutive producing the series and also is directing a documentary on Bob Dylan for “American Masters”), Charles Burnett, Clint Eastwood, Mike Figgis, Marc Levin, Richard Pearce, and Wim Wenders.

“Circle of Stories” is part of the Sundance Online Festival.

“Love and Diane” which is being shown as part of the American Spectrum does not have an airdate yet. The rest are being shown as part of the documentary competition.

“American Masters” will air Anne Makepeace’s “Robert Capa: In Love and War” on May 28th and Deborah Dickson’s “The Education of Gore Vidal” in June.

“The Pill” will air on “American Experience” on February 24th and last year’s Sundance Documentary winner, “Daughter from Danang,” will be shown on April 7th.

“The Weather Underground” and “What I Want My Words to Do to You” don’t have airdates yet.

This was originally written for TVBarn. Aaron Barnhart is at Sundance and will be filling reports. IndieWire also does excellent coverage and has a free email newsletter.

Elvis Mitchell has a critic’s notebook focusing on docs at Sundance and there is a review of “The Murder of Emmett Till” and “Two Towns of Jasper.”

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