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Your Dream Job Is Just a Tweet Away

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If you’re looking for your dream job, then social media is the best vehicle to help you find a fulfilling career that makes you want to go to work every morning.

In the past it was all about your resume, education, and people you had actually met in person or knew through a friend. It was not “what you know” but “who you know.”

Today job hunting is all about Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and LinkedIn connections.image of linkedin logo

Even employment agencies will tell you to join sites like LinkedIn without ever really explaining why or how this works.

The most exciting thing about using social media to look for a new job is the way that you can actually incorporate your interests and experience to find a job that you are passionate about and enjoy doing.

Here are five tips on how to find that dream job:

1. Join LinkedIn. Make sure your profile is complete. Invite everyone you know to be a contact. Join groups that interest you and make more contacts. Search for jobs by keywords and find positions that interest you. The best part is that you can check your network and see if one of your contacts knows someone and can introduce you to the hiring manager for a job you’re interested in. It is sort of like getting a personal reference that makes you stand out from the crowd.

2. Get on Twitter. Search for contacts with similar interests and use the “who to follow” function. Many of those “tweeting” have blogs and websites and you can get in touch that way or send them a message. Like-minded people will find you too. If you believe in the theory of six degrees of separation you never know who you might meet!

3. Use your Facebook account. How many Facebook contacts do you have? Use them! Send a note to select contacts (nobody you work with, of course, e.g. your boss) and tell them what you are looking for. Most people love to help others, it is good karma.

4. Start your own blog. It is another way to showcase your area of expertise and meet people who have the same interests. At the very least you’ll have a lot of fun and improve your writing skills.

5. Attend a social media workshop. You’ll learn important skills that will help you find your dream job and make you more marketable to employers.

Ultimately social media skills are becoming one of the key areas of expertise that employers look for. Pair it up with something you love, follow these steps, and you’ll have the job that you always wished for.

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About Lesley Slack

  • Great article and so relevant. I hope all my online work lands me my “dream job” too!

  • Jamie Fairbairn

    Really good article Lesley. As someone who works with small business owners I think a lot of your advice could be equally applied to small companies that are looking for new members of staff.