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Your Anti-Virus Should Be Fired!

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It's amazing to me how many times a week I often find myself on the opposite end of a call regarding computer infections of some sort.

The security software normally installed, when I inquire, is either Norton or McAfee. These two are the biggest names on the market, but their products continue to be less and less effective with each passing year.

A few years back I was introduced to Avast Anti-Virus made by Alwil Software. I must say I have been pleased since day one; the product, to this very day, remains my only recommendation.

There exist many schools of thought when it comes to business market ideology. In recent months socialism is on the rise and capitalism remains the path for some. I am not about to stand on my soap box, but I believe in balance. I must confess I believe in capitalism, being that small business plays a vital role in our economy, while maintaining that big business needs regulation.

You're either nodding your head or about to close your browser, give me a second! I'll prove my point.

Avast is a product made by a small German company, compared to Norton Internet Security which is made by a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Avast is a lower-priced product compared to Norton Internet Security which is double, if not triple, the price of Avast. Avast takes less computer system memory and fewer processing cycles than Norton does. Alwil's offering is also capable of removing infections while Norton may identify them but cannot remove them, often times. Avast has well designed features to better protect you compared to Norton's.

These points I don't recite from biased research or paid affiliation; this is from first-hand knowledge acquired over five years of field experience.

So the question is ask you today is this: why is a small business from Germany able to make better products, operate with less capital, and price its product considerably lower than a large multi-billion dollar corporation here in the States?

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  • Jet

    Is this an ad, an opinion, or a political opinion article on Capitalism vs Socialism?

  • It an opinion on Avast and how they make a better product compared to Norton who floods the market with junk internet security

  • Jet

    They used to have a banner above the article that told us that, but…

  • Norton is a damn good anti-virus/firewall. It is expensive, and avast is also a good anti-virus (and they have a free version), but I have more faith in Norton. I’ve used it for 6 years without a problem and have yet to get a virus it couldn’t remove. I would hardly put Norton in the same vastly inferior class with Mcfee.

  • Jack

    I have to agree with the author, McAfee has done very little to improve their product of the past several years and it shows by the number of PCs I’ve seen that have been infected. These were all fully up to date installations.

    My beef against Norton is their product is bloated. I’ve seen various iterations of Norton kill the performance a PC.

    I switched all my PCs to Avast many months ago and have had zero issues with it on any of them.

  • Joe

    I feel as if I wrote every word of this article myself. Excellent

  • Thank You Joe! I appreciate the kind remark

  • I use Microsoft Security Esssentials and I’ve never had one problem with viruses. I’d recommend you switch to it!