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Younger Sagittarius Man, Older Sagittarius Woman: Can It Work? Astrology-Based Advice

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I haven't been in a relationship for several years. I'm a Sagittarius and can't seem to find anyone who seems interesting enough for the effort it takes to go out. I returned to college several years ago and have a year left until completion (and have several children). My question is:

I have intense chemistry with one of my former professors. He is also a Sadge and eight years my junior. What is your opinion about that: younger, Sadge, same sign, and a former professor?


Ex Student

Dear Student,

sagittarius horoscope statue zodiac oldI don't see any problem. You're nearly 45… he's mid-thirties, so you're both adults. As for the age difference, so what? There are as many benefits as there are problems. He's your ex-professor? Big deal. He taught you some things, now you can return the favor!

As for the general question of two people in a relationship being the same sun sign, in my experience it either works very well or the people bore and repel each other. You know. Yick! He/she is way too much like me! Makes me sick to look in a mirror like that! Get me the hell out of here!

More specific for Sagittarius, on the upside you can understand each other's need for freedom. But I'll tell you something I notice about Sadge. Some of them seem to be looking for someone to (try to) tie them down. You know. They want someone who will try to stick a wild horse in a corral and why is that? So they can jump the fence, of course. So if you (or he) is of this ilk… well, you're going to let each other down by not trying to contain and restrict.

Bottom line, if I were you I'd call this guy up and get a date. You have every reason in the world to do this and absolutely no reason not to. And from there, provided he signs on, you're two people on an adventure.

Sound good? Sounds good to me.

Good luck.

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