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You Thought the American Education System had Problems?

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According to an article in Australia's Herald Sun, The bizarre tale of Hitler's "son", which is no longer available on their site,

A terrorist group supporter who claims to be Adolf Hitler's illegitimate son has been teaching at a Melbourne school.
Despite having recent criminal convictions, extremist organisation leader and master forger Michael O'Hara was able to talk his way into a full-time job at Lilydale High School in January.
He still has an outstanding charge against him of taking firearms out of Victoria without informing police.

So far so ugly. But here's the kicker:

Mr O'Hara, using the name Zeev Gideon Korwan, is executive chairman of the Jewish Defence League in Australia. Writing on the JDL website, Mr O'Hara has vowed to continue the legacy of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, whose extremist Kach group is listed by the US State Department as a terrorist organisation.

Yes, a man claiming to be the illegitimate son of that German guy with the Charlie Chaplin moustache is aligned with a Jewish organisation. I wonder if "Daddy" would've seen the irony.

According to the article, he was sprung by a student looking at old copies of the Herald Sun, in which he found this story about some bloke claiming to be the son of Hitler, and the accompanying photo of said bloke turned out to be of his teacher. But:

A spokesman for the Department of Education confirmed to the Herald Sun that Mr O'Hara had been sacked last week after working at Lilydale High School since January. But he claimed it was routine checking that led to the discovery of Mr O'Hara's criminal record, rather than the version told to the Herald Sun by several parents and teachers. "Our new registration process, which now goes through the Victorian Institute of Teachers, threw up the fact he had a police record," the spokesman said. "As soon as we were made aware of that the school was contacted and, in the interests of parents and students, he was sacked on the spot."

Of course it did, Mr Anonymous. We can't possibly let the kids take responsibility for uncovering a fuck-up your organisation made. The point raised by another teacher quoted in the article still stands: this is something that should've been detected BEFORE O'Hitler… sorry, O'Hara got the job in the first place. Even if this shiny new process of yours did unearth the man's criminal record, you still haven't explained why it didn't do so until he was already settled in the job.

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  • olga

    anybody knows anything about Mike O’Hara?

  • <<<>>>

    Happy End!

  • tattoo

    he is an alien

  • Rabbi Samuel Gordievski

    Zeev Gideon Korwan was born of a Jewish Mother and a Jewish Father. Both of Zeev’s parents were of German birth.
    I confirm that Zeev Korwan was co-ordinator in chief at the execution of the Nazi Josef Mengele. The bullet that was found in the body of Mengele at autopsy in Brazil was never disclosed.
    The Nazi Josef Mengele was murdered in revenge for his evil work which brought death to many innocent Jewish men, woman and children. Zeev Korwan has no association with Adolf Hitler whatsoever.

  • Shekhinah

    18.8, 8:18

  • Larry Cohen

    For the record,Melbourne,Australia justifiably boasts one of the largest Yiddish post WWII populations in the world.
    Indeed much of the Jewish Defence League Internationals secret work is masterminded here. The Jewish Defence League International is an integral international tool for research,monitoring and activation on behalf of the Jewish people globally.

  • Padraic Blumenkrantz-O’Reilly

    While we’re on the acronyms, how’s this?

    The MoFIKGers: The Movement For Kosher Irish Guinness Sippers.


  • larry cohen

    Understand STM that we are dealing with the Mossad here, with the JDLI simply an “unofficial” arm of that organisation.
    Ari Ben Youseff and Simon Kaufmann are but two of thousands of article writers globally concerning Mr Z.G. Korwan.

  • STM

    Rose: “Curiously, the comments above from “Ari Ben Youseff” and “Simon Kaufmann” came from exactly the same IP address, which is in Australia…”

    Wasn’t me!!

  • Petra Olinskaya

    Both of my parents and my two sisters were murdered by the Nazis in Ukraine in 1943.
    I was alone in the fields gathering when they came upon our village.
    My sisters were raped and then shot.
    I met Zeev Korwan in Ukraine in 2008 through a Jewish intermediary. Mr Korwan asked me every minute detail about my ordeal. I received a letter from Mr Korwan only last week telling me his organisation had traced and overseen the liquidation of the commander of the group responsible. A man I now know from Mr Korwan who had raped more than 100 Soviet women during the Nazi rampage through my village and others close by.
    Mr Korwan told me in the letter that the Nazi had begged for his life before having his throat cut! The German lived in Colombo.
    I now know why this wonderful Jew is feared globally! He is welcome in Ukraine by all its citizens!

  • larry cohen

    The truth is the truth Ceburashka.
    It is good that you keep the secret!
    The Ghost is still the Ghost!
    Hashem Ehad

  • Ceburashka

    Hi Miky 😉
    I see Matrioshka still keeps monologs?

  • Larry Cohen, Melbourne, Australia

    The death of the Nazi murderer Josef Mengele is like music upon the ears of our beloved Brothers and sisters who died in Hashems name during WWII.
    My statement on this site of 13 June applies to all Jews who perished under the evil of Nazism.
    It is in honour of all Jews who died during the Shoah that the article was written.
    Hashem Ehad.

  • Joseph Levin, Brisbane

    The official findings of the death of the Nazi murderer Josef Mengele was that he drowned.
    This is 100% true, but what the official Brazilian autopsy and official findings fail to record is that Jewish commandos under the command of Nazi hunter Ze’ev Korwan brought about the so called drowning of Mengele.
    Had the Jewish mercenaries not ambushed Mengele and opened fire upon him and his Nazi bodyguards, Mengele would not have died in Bertioga, Brazil on 7 February 1979. Official Statement of The Jewish Defence League International [JDLI] Australia.

  • Larry Cohen

    Everytime Jewish Defence League International[JDLI] place the official truth of Josef Mengeles death on the Mossad official ‘Wilkpedia’ website it is removed?
    We wonder why?
    The Jewish Defence League International were responsible for the death of the Nazi Auschwitz ‘butcher’ of Jews at Bertioga, Brazil on 7 February 1979.
    Mengeles death came about only after he and his small group of bodyguards were trapped by JDLI commandoes under the command of Zeev Korwan. After the JDLI opened fire on the Nazi and his henchmen,it is documented that Mengele fell from a wooden ramp into the water. The only unknown in this factual occurence is whether Mengele was hit by a bullet from the JDLI death squad and thrown into the water or accidently or deliberately jumped into the water to save his miserable skin! In any event the Mossad are embarrassed and will never admit to the truth of Mengeles death because the Mossad knew of Mengeles whereabouts in Brazil and refrained from kidnapping or killing him because the CIA had given him life safety immunity, due to his work for the American CIA following WWII!
    Accordingly the Mossad sat back and leaked the information to the great Irv Rubin in Los Angeles who informed Simon Wiesenthal in Vienna, who passed on the information to Zeev Korwan in Australia. As soon as Zeev Korwan got the ‘official’location of The Nazi Josef Mengele,from Simon Wiesenthal, Mengele was dead period!
    This message is placed on the world public record to make the truth of Mengeles death known and in honour and respect of all those Jewish innocents who died at Auschwitz death camp during WWII.
    The Jewish Defence League International message to you all who passed to Hashem at Auschwitz in Hashems glorious name under the word of the TORAH is:
    May you rest in eternal joyful peace knowing that Hashems hand was placed on Zeev Korwans shoulder to avenge for all Jews at one single stroke,all of the terrible,incomprehensible heart burning pain, mental anguish and agonizing terror that you suffered under the filth of Nazism. You are all so dearly loved and never ever forgotten.
    The JDLI are with you now and always our dearest beloved.
    Hashem ehad

  • Larry Cohen, Melbourne, Australia

    May Hashem shine his ever present golden light on the head of you Brother Jew. To you Brother Ruvy let us say from here in Australia that Jews have to be protected in all places and at all times.
    Had the Jewish Elders in Europe listened and more importantly acted to Zev Jabotinsky and his clear warnings as early as 1927, our Jewish race instead of being 18 Million at the commencement of WWII would be far greater than the 14 Million of us standing together as one today!
    As for Korwan, I can only shed tears for what this man has done silently for the Jewish race during his lifetime.
    Hashem is at his right hand always.
    Hashem Ehad

  • Ruvy

    Ze’ev Korwan is almost the total Jew, Larry. He needs to come home – as do you, probably (but unlike some, I cannot read your IP address…).

    Blessings from shomrón hashiHrúr Liberated Samaria,

  • Larry Cohen, Melbourne, Australia

    Ze’ev Korwan is the total Jew.
    And when pitted against the Gentile either in mortal combat or in a court of legal jurisdiction he will always win! Manfred Zeiten is right, the man is a genius. Especially when it comes to making war!
    And though I would dearly like to see ‘Deadlier than Deadly’ printed in 2010, as stated by Bernie Goldmann, it is not going to happen. More is the pity! Far too dangerous and not in Israeli interests. Ze’ev Korwan will be remembered for what he is. A lion of Judah, whose roar made the earth tremble!

  • Manfred Zeiten Melbourne, Australia

    I was most fortunate to actually see this Mossad “ghost” agent Zeev Korwan defend himself in the County Court of Melbourne in 2002. When he was arraigned for selling ‘Hitlers’ guns. His performance against the highly experienced Crown prosecutor in his cross examination proved memorable and proved to me beyond any shadow of a doubt that this man was indeed a high level, brilliant quick minded Israeli operative. His picture taken by the Age newspaper shows him to be 100% Jewish.
    Korwan was absolutely brilliant in his cross examination and put the Crown prosecutors case in the rubbish bin, with the Judge eventually saying to the Crown prosecutor and quote,”The trouble is I think he [Korwan]is more experienced in this particular line of questioning than you are. It is also possible there is a measure of truth in his story.” Unquote. At the close of the trial several court guards gave Korwan presents and one Jewish guard even gave Korwan a copy of a book titled “Vengeance” by George Jonas which actually tells the story of the Israeli counter-terrorist mission team set up to hunt down those responsible for the bloody massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich in 1972.
    Bernie Goldmann is perfectly correct when he tells of Korwan single handedly hunting down one particular evasive terrorist involved in the Munich massacre.
    The Muslim Arab terrorist was, according to hearsay reports in Tel Aviv,shot dead by Korwan with a single bullet to the head after Korwan had taken a taxi ride with the cab driver who was the terrorist. Korwan did not pay the fare!

  • Abraham Friedemann

    Zeev Gideon Korwan, Born Jew, Forever son of Israel. Lion of Judah. Hashems finest shining weapon on this earth.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Petrov Adamovich

    This man Korwan is the Israeli secret of secrets.
    Disguised for 20 years as an Australian schoolteacher he has commited more ‘crimes’ for Mossad than any other single Jew.
    ASIO in Australia have a file on him which is thicker than the bible, yet still do not know who he is.
    The Israeli government will never ever disclose his true identity and will never admit that he worked for them. Caught in Kiev,Ukraine on 27 March 2008, by Ukrainian customs for carrying US$17.000 dollars of ündeclared Mossad funds while reporting on the Bush visit to Ukraine, Korwan not only talked his way out of handing over the money but escaped with his Mossad passport and his freedom.
    Zeev Gideon Korwan is aged about 62 yet looks like a fresh faced schoolboy. He is without doubt the Israeli intelligencé services favourite son and is in reality the real Jason Bourne!

  • A fellow comrad brought your site to my attention.
    It is worthy of mention to say that Zeev Korwan was well liked by all of us who met him. He was and probably still is a man of honour and the fact that he has hunted down many Nazis on behalf of the Israeli government is a credit to him given his flight from certain death in 1945.
    He also worked closely with Soviet Intelligence in the unsuccessful hunt for Krylo Zvarich which was hampered by the British government for many years.
    The British are very good at hiding former Nazi war criminals from justice!

  • Bernie Goldmann

    If any one in their right mind believes that Zeev Gideon Korwan is a myth, then I suggest that you read a book to be presented to the world in 2010 titled,’Deadlier than Deadly.’ The book recounts and traces the great Zeev Korwans career in the infamous ‘KIDON’ death squad that was clandestinely but purposefully formed under the direction of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, following the vicious and cowardly actions of Arab terrorists upon innocent Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. It is known on the hill in Tel Aviv that Korwan himself hunted down one particular Arab murderer for seven years before sending him to Allah in Venezuala. The book should make particularly interesting reading to the British SIS who employed Korwan from 1969 to 1987.
    The only reason Spielberg has not made a film on Korwan is because the Muslim Arab terorists would probably eliminate him if he did!
    But Korwan is still a global ghost out there somewhere!

  • Zeev Korwan has long been the Mossads master disinformation professional.
    Countless money making operations for the Mossad have been masterminded by this Jew.
    He is an absolute bankroller for the Mossad who work independently of the Knesset.

  • I’m vewy vewy fwightened to learn that I am zing zing. Who knew?

  • Keep rolling on the floor Christopher and the we Israelis will continue to roll in the dollars for Mossad! While having free global publicity at your publications expense. Not that we Jews would call it a publication. A rag would be a better description. But even rags like yours assist our cause. More intelligence input for you and your readers Christopher. Tesla clean bomb technology supplied from the former Soviets assisted the Israeli nuclear programme from under the very noses of the CIA!
    Regards and best wishes. And by the way we have established by checking your web computer that you are the foul mouthed “ZING ZING! What have you got to say about that. Poor Gentile as you are! I have nothing to add and will no longer enjoy talking to you. We have better things to do. We wish you well.

  • I don’y know about Korwan but i’m rolling on the floor!

  • Christopher Rose has contacts with the CIA.
    Well I was quite correct, and that explains everything. No offence to the CIA, or to you Mr Rose. In any event Mr Rose is a CIA grass!
    Pity you and your friends at the CIA Christopher have not worked out that any isolated computer base attached to any given URL Block can be re-located geographically and deceptively with a particular satellite re-direction device. Point being that you and your friends at the CIA assume that the information comes out of Australia when in fact it does not. All part of deception and propaganda operations through the Lohamah Psichlogit Department. You Americans think you have all the answers but you are still being outwitted by superior scientific means. Case in point;
    Osama Bin Laden has highly trained operatives sending classified information globally using the same broad signals technology that we Jews use. Australia for us in reality Christopher, is a veritable backwater for real intelligence and serves no useful purpose in the big picture. Israeli intelligence have used an assortment of deception devices to track highly classified information with sensitive spy microdots in thousands of Israeli built computer systems some years ago coming to mind, before the CIA woke up. In any event what intrigues me about this particular news article of some five years ago is the high response it is getting. Both from the usual foul mouthed brain dead, and from seemingly half intelligent people like you Christopher.This is wonderful for Israel. And indeed for Zeev Gideon Korwan who must be laughing all the way to the bank!!!


    Posted by A Simon Kaufmann, Haifa to You thought the American education system had problems? from on 2007.07.10, 08:28:20 AM

    Posted by A Ari Ben Youseff, New York to You thought the American education system had problems? from on 2007.07.10, 08:13:43

    As anybody with a tiny bit of internet experience knows, IP addresses are assigned in blocks to specific countries. There are many sites on the internet that provide geolocation services for free.

    As the Comments Editor, I couldn’t help noticing that two consecutive comments on the same article came from the same IP address so I got on to my buddies at the local branch of the CIA here in Andalucia and they confirmed the IP address was in Australia. Simon Kaufmann, well done, you are now officially classified as a paranoid loon. Thanks for visiting.

  • i’m getting a kick out of this guy talking about where the URLs are…when Christopher, being the Comments Editor, can see his actual IP address that they are typing from…

    THAT is fucking Funny, imo…

    i needed the Laugh


  • STM

    Geez, the quality of comment on this site just gets better by the moment.

    Perhaps the telling comment here is that Mr O’Hara is previously “known”, as they say in Australia, to the Victoria Police.

    There’s more chance of finding a pork chop at barmitzvah than there is of him being a bona-fide Nazi hunter – or Hitler’s son.

  • Mr Simon Rose is probably a flatmate of ‘Zing Zing’ who should make an immediate move to the bathroom and fill his mouth up with soap and swallow it quickly. Such foul mouthed filth is totally unacceptable and smacks of a pro-Arab disinformation action by the mysterious Christopher Rose and the filthy sub human ‘Zing Zing,’ who incidently has not even got the brains to find an appropriate non-de-plume!
    Long live Israel, and for those who wish us dead. Long live Zeev Gideon Korwan! Hashems arrow on the Earth!

  • Let us first establish what your motives are Mr Christopher Rose for wrongly pinpointing a new York and Haifa URL as the same. And where does Australia come in to the equasion?
    In any event are you arguing that Zeev Gideon Korwan is a myth. Please inform us Jews,as only an international security agency would have such information as you wrongly promulgate to the world. Who do you work for Mr Rose?
    You are welcome to come to Haifa and see my record of fact on my computer. Australia????

  • zingzing

    PHEEDO SUCKS. BOOT THEM THE FUCK OFF THIS SITE. i don’t know if everyone has it, but it’s the ad in the upper right corner of my screen, and it’s fucking awful. slowing down my computer horribly. someone needs to redesign that ad. or simply kill it.

  • Curiously, the comments above from “Ari Ben Youseff” and “Simon Kaufmann” came from exactly the same IP address, which is in Australia…

  • Simon Kaufmann, Haifa

    I reply to Ari Ben Youseff.
    Ari I can only tell you that Zeev Gideon Korwan does actually exist and now lives quietly in Australia. He has never been involved with the Jewish Defence League International [JDLI], though he worked as a brother with Irv Rubin for many years in dark and covert pro-Jewish activities in the US. This cover as a JDLI operative was only used as a defence for his court case in Australia in 2002, in order to conceal his real work with the Israeli secret service. In reality he is a high ranking officer with the Israeli Metsada Government assassination,sabotage and dis-information bureau. But I agree that a movie of his life would be a box office blockbuster,unless of course you are an Arab!

  • Ari Ben Youseff, New York

    Would someone enlighten me about this guy Zeev Gideon Korwan. I want to know as much as I can about him. If this guy is all that everyone says he is, he has got to be the Israeli Governments equivalent of Ian Flemings ‘James Bond.’
    And if this is the case which it seems to be, then Steven Spielberg should be contacted immediately to get an international pro-Jewish Hollywood movie about him up and running. Such a film of course would make the Arabs see red, but who cares, as it is a piece of beautiful Jewish history that should be recorded for all the right reasons. I would be the first to buy a ticket in the front row! I am really intrigued about this guy Korwan and his life history as per Alann Gunn. Shalom

  • Ali Hassan, Beirut

    This mystery man Zeev Gideon Korwan has always been an enigma to us Palestinians. Though we would dearly like to hang him, he has earned our respect, because we have heard he gave serious money to some of the Muslims wives of the men he assassinated while with the Metsada, out of his own pocket. Mossad refused to pay the Bills! [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I couldn’t help noticing that the author of this “article” never deigned to answer anybody commenting here. It can be hard to say “I’m wrong,” or “I erred.”

  • I once met Zeev Korwan in Israel many years ago.
    During my time in the Armed Forces.
    I would dearly like to meet him again.Does anyone know where he resides in Australia?
    His charm and humility touched me and he is without doubt a Jew of high moral fibre.Killing the enemies of our beloved State of Israel, who would destroy us all if they had opportunity makes him a hero in my eyes. And as Yoram Svoray says, he is indeed a real Lion of Judah. His lifes work has always been to eliminate those who threaten Israeli security.
    Thank you Zeev Gideon Korwan.

  • Those Hebrews who have written and exposed one of Israels greatest Lions of Judah should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
    Let Zeev Gideon Korwan be remembered as the individual who together with our beloved Simon Wiesenthal sought out as a life goal and revenged the murder of our never to be forgotten six million. No single Jew has done more than Zeev to square the Hebrew ledger.
    Hashem is at his right Arm always!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a load of horseshit. Michael O’Hara-Hitlers’son-Comprehensive horseshit!
    The former Lieutenant Colonel Zeev Gideon Korwan was a former member of the Israeli Special operations Unit. Now in his sixties this merciless Jew was in command of a whole battalion of specially trained commandos. Remember Antebbe,you dumb asses! He was born in Germany of Rose Korwan a German National Jewess in 1944. His father was murdered by the Gestapo in January 1945, after this brave Jew physically fought for his life on the streets of Munich with seven or so scum that called themselves German soldiers!
    Little wonder then that Zeev Korwan goes around the world today still blowing away any old Nazi he is informed still exists. With Israeli Govt approval! Zeev Korwan was very close to Simon Wiesenthal. Korwans original commander was General Rechavam Zeevy, himself murdered by Arab terorists not long ago. Zeev Korwan today apparently resides in Australia, but is still called upon from time to time for the odd ‘Big Hit.’
    And as Alan Steinberg says , this man Zeev Korwan is absolutely merciless, with some of the stories going around Tel Aviv making him a terrifying phantom for any Arab or Nazi who has the most unfortunate fate to meet him. Although all who have met the great assassin it is said have never lived to tell the way he does business.
    Long live Zeev Korwan! Hashem Ehad!!!

  • Walter Rubenstein is quite correct. This guy Michael O’Hara is not Michael O’Hara at all. He was up until the very late 90’s the Metsadas’ number one hitman, working alone and in close collaboration with the Jewish Defence Leagues’ US Chairman Irv Rubin. Rubin was murdered while incarcerated in a US Jail in November 2002.In reality O’Hara [real birth name Zeev Gideon Korwan -A Jew]is an Israeli secret service agent cum assassin, who rubs out nasty enemies of the Jewish State.
    Apparently the RCMP were interested in him after three murders of political enemies of the Jewish State in 1989-1991. This guy is a highly trained specialist killer. Dont upset him, as he has no sense of humour!

  • Zeev Gideon Korwan is the Head of the Israeli Metsada assassination bureau.
    It was an operation that simply got sprung.
    They hunt down and execute Nazis’