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You Let My Son Have a BIBLE? You Bastards!

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I’d like to take just a quick moment to heap a little derision and mockery on one Bonnie Matthews from Belle Fourche, SD.

Her son came home from school with (grab your smelling salts) a Bible! The son told her a guy in the hallway gave it to him. She complained to the school, and found out it was some Gideons passing them out.

The fact that it was not being read or taught in a class or by a teacher or administrator at all did not placate her. Nosiree. She took it to the ACLU.

I tend to be pretty skeptical of the ACLU, but I’ll give them some credit here. From the AP story:

While Matthews didn’t like it, she isn’t getting any support from the American Civil Liberties Union. Jennifer Ring, who heads the ACLU in the Dakotas, said distribution of religious materials in school is a form of free speech and religious freedom.

The ACLU is typically very hostile to Christianity. They are pretty good at hollering like the princess feeling the pea under 10 mattresses at any mention of Jesus within 500 yards of any government building. Yet even they said the woman’s full of it.

How far out into dumbassery do you have to get to lose the sympathy of even the ACLU in an anti-Christian case? Yowsa!

She probably wouldn’t have batted an eye if they were passing out Eminem CDs and porno.

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  • Mr Fiddlehead

    I’d bet that if a Jew’s kid came home with a fancy new giddeon’s bible that the proverbial, biblical even, shit would hit the fan. But since it’s just someone who doesn’t buy into all the sky-god bullshit, that is currently doing a good job of destroying the planet, along wiht the cabal of fascists that run the US government, the whole thing is met with derision.


  • Al,

    What’s your basis for accusing the ACLU of singling out Christianity among all other religions? I’m a member. I get the newsletters. I haven’t noticed the ACLU supporting the separation of Christianity and state to any degree greater than they oppose the separation of church and state in general.

    I doubt very much, for example, that the ACLU would support forcing all children at a public school to praise Mohammed before class.

  • Fiddlehead- I highly doubt that a Jewish parent would object to their son being given a Bible. Of all people in the world, Jews are at the top of the list for valuing books and learning. Indeed, I bet a great many Jewish families even have copies of the Koran about the house.

    Your sky-god-followers-destroying-the-planet stuff is nonsense. It’s largely been sky god followers who have BUILT modern advanced societies.

    Your cabal-of-fascists stuff is just hysterical nonsense. Dubya is the duly elected president trying to keep us safe from people who are trying to kill us. I didn’t vote for Bush. I’ve got plenty of issues with him, and particularly the Patriot Act. Calling him a “fascist” however is just stupidity. Words have meaning, and the meanings of the word “fascist” do not co-relate with George Bush.

    Sorry if you have a problem with children being exposed to literature you don’t like. However, this is YOUR problem. Get the hell over it.

  • Brian- It’s possible that I’m looking at the ACLU with a somewhat jaundiced eye. It seems to me that they are particularly crappy with Christians, but that may be partly just that Christians are the majority religion. The ACLU may simply be irrationally hostile to ANY religion.

    As a Libertarian and an atheist, obviously I’m all in favor of separation of church and state. However, the ACLU takes that nominal idea and stretches it to the point of stupidity. Filing lawsuits about any little display of a nativity scene on a courthouse lawn does not advance the cause of human liberty, but mostly just makes all libertarians or civil libertarians look foolish.

  • mark

    Dear Mr. Flemming,

    I beg to differ about your concept of the ACLU “supporting” Mohammed at a public school before class. While they may not actively support it, they certainly look the other way in cases of separation of mosque and state. In fact, a similar action happened here in North Carolina just last summer. UNC-Chapel Hill, a public university, REQUIRED all incoming freshmen to read, Approaching the Qur’an: The Early Revelations”, written by Michael Sells. Well, this caused quite a flap down here, partly because Mr. Sells book takes selective passages from the Qur’an to present it in the best light for Western sensitivities, while leaving out more controversial sections about how Mohammed and the Qur’an viewed Jews (you can find a good discussion of this at:

    But more importantly, Chancellor Moeser stuck to his guns and stated throughout the summer that ALL freshmen MUST read this book. This was also posted as required reading on the UNC website, even after the court hearing discussed below. The local ACLU stated “they were keeping an eye on the matter”. Well, when push came the shove, UNC was taken to court by a Christian group siting this was state sanctioned religious study. Surprizing, during the first day in court, the UNC lawyers contradicted the Chancellor’s statements of the previous 3 months and said the book WAS NEVER REQUIRED READING. So the case was thankfully thrown out. But obviously, the lawyers representing UNC lied to the court. Again, the ACLU was silent.

    Many religious parents who were sending their kids to UNC were offended, not because of Mr Sell’s book, but because of the requirement to read it. The Chancellor even shoved his foot farther down his mouth when he said in July, students who did not read the book were REQUIRED to write an essay on why they did not. All of this mind you, before classes started. Again, the local ACLU was silent.

    So the question is, If UNC ever requires incoming freshmen to read a book written by Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, or Jerry Falwell, what will the ACLU do?

    PS Hope you display an American flag this Memorial day weekend at your house. It’s the least we can do for the veterans that died so we can hold these discussions.