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You can’t beat the sound of Thunder

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One of the most under-rated debuts of the 90s is the debut from British band Thunder. Like Bad Company at its best or Whitesnake in their pre-87 bluesy stage, this lot produce bluesy hard-rock that oozes class and charm. The CD was released in the US but with very little backing it promptly sank without a trace. The band continued to plug away in the UK, but never really matched this amazing debut. Tracks like ‘She’s So Fin’, ‘Love Walked In’ and the title track are examples of when hard-rock is just right. There is not one turkey on this disc, not even their piss-take ‘An Englishman on Holiday’. Thunder are back together and touring giving their fans the pleasure of their company.This is a great band who deliver the goods time and time again. If you have this CD listen to it again, it will put a smile on your own face. If you don’t have it and love your hard-rock, you need to find this album.

Rating: 5/5

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  • They was good. I’ve got this on picture vinyl if you like them a lot. More crunch than Whitesnake offered.

  • SFC Ski

    A band born years too late, done in by the grunge plague.