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You Are There: CBS to Stream Its Kennedy Assassination Coverage Real Time

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Maybe you were alive back then, possibly not. But November 22, 1963 will live on in the minds of most Americans as the day the Earth stood still for four days. For those days, from the first report that shots had been fired through the funeral four days later, the networks provided tireless coverage as a shocked nation sat glued to their televisions as never before. It was the sort of shared national televised experience we now take for granted.


To mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination, CBSNews.com will stream its historic coverage in real time beginning at 1:48 p.m. ET November 22, the exact moment when the network broke into regularly scheduled Thursday afternoon programming with the news bulletin that shots had been fired in Dallas.

It’s an effective technique (the cable news networks have used the same idea to replay the World Trade Center attack), bringing home the devastating import of that moment and the four days that followed. The indelible images, whether you originally saw them live or in history books, or films: Kennedy’s convertible limousine, Jackie Kennedy’s pink suit covered in blood, the swearing in of Lyndon Johnson while inflight to Washington, the drumbeat of the funeral procession, the salute of the young John Jr. all coming alive in a way that a documentary cannot begin to capture.

CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent, Bob Schieffer will introduce the online stream. CBS News will also be live Tweeting during the stream at hashtag #JFK50. 


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